Management Consulting

SL Kirloskar Center for Executive Education (SLKCEE) will provide consulting services to companies to help them deliver business results. Avenues for consulting could arise from any of the following areas -

  • Training Need Analysis done by the company HR
  • Based on a particular assignment like preparing a retention strategy
  • Direct requirement from functional departments with request for carrying out market research or benchmark study
  • Advisory services like M&A / buyout or post-merger integration
  • Tenure based consulting assignments that are based on short-term projects
  • Hands-on projects

Applied Research

SL Kirloskar Center for Executive Education (SLKCEE) will engage with clients or corporate closely to use management theory, knowledge, methods and techniques to practise for a specific business domain (Kirloskar Analytics for one) or for a client driven purpose.

  • Set up Centre for Excellence
  • Chair Professorship
  • Fellowship
  • Specific requirement by KIAMS faculty
  • Live projects by students of KIAMS

Industry Tie-Ups

SL Kirloskar Center for Executive Education (SLKCEE) will create an eco-system for closer working relationship between KIAMS and large businesses. Corporates will benefit from closer engagement with an easier to access and refocussed business and management academic community of KIAMS / SLKCEE.

  • Setting up incubators for start-ups
  • Innovation Hubs
  • Managing grants and scholarships
  • Creating endowment fund
  • Academic excellence awards
  • Sabbatical for KIAMS faculty
Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies