Student Life

Life At KIAMS Pune

Student Life

Nestled amidst a plush green expanse, KIAMS Pune is spread across 21.5 acres. With occupancy of 60 students, our infrastructure has been essential in shaping the students into accomplished professionals.

  • The administration wing houses facilities like the board room, video conference room, library, reading room, syndicate rooms, lecture halls, gymnasium, etc.
  • The hostel holds the capacity for accommodating 180 students in 60 rooms across three floors.
  • Furthermore, the Pune campus has a separate hostel block for housing MDP delegates. The hostel has 38 rooms and can accommodate 76 delegates on twin sharing basis.
  • Standby 400 KVA 2 power generators.
  • Rainwater harvesting project – Capacity of 35 lacs litres of water storage.
  • One acre land in the campus is cultivated for producing organic vegetables. Different types of fruits and vegetables are grown and supplied to the campus canteen.
  • An open ground is available adjoining the hostel premise wherein sports activities are conducted (Volleyball, Cricket and Basketball court)
  • Canteen facility – Students/Staff Dining Hall and Guest Dining Hall.


Best in class facilities to keep you going.

Student Assistantship

Student Assistantship is an ingenious program which provides the students with a paid opportunity to assist their professors for enhancing their corporate acumen through hands-on involvement in the professional environment. Students earn their assistantship through a competition based on their knowledge, and skill set.