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KIAMS SWABHIMAAN 2019 - Cherishing Learner’s Pride

KIAMS Swabhimaan was held on 14th December, 2019 at KIAMS Pune

KIAMS Swabhimaan - a one of its own kind, is an initiative taken by Kiams Pune for the parents to take pride in the achievements of their wards. The event took place on 14th December, 2019 at Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies, Pune. The parents were invited to visit the campus and be a part of the parent- teacher meet. Swabhimaan is an effective way through which the parents can have a glimpse about what is going on in and around the student's campus life. Face to face communication with the teachers immensely helps the parents to plan out the learning process of their child.

The event was inaugurated by the vice president of KIAMS Pune, Mr. Amarshekhar Bhonagiri by addressing parents about the scope of KIAMS ranging from academics to life lessons students learn here. The parents were later addressed by Director, Dr. L.K Tripathy and Associate Dean Academics, Dr. Bidyanand Jha.

Dr. L.K Tripathy threw light on the importance of knowledge, skills and attitude as building blocks of career of the learning partners. Dr. Jha briefed parents by giving an overview of the academics, student activities and Industry Coordination Committee (ICC). They were also told about Live Projects for first year students, Business Immersion (BI) and Placements in the institute.

The program was followed by parents sharing their views on the change and positive developments they saw in their wards, felicitation of meritorious students and question-answer session of parents with the faculties.

Interaction with the Directors

Interaction with the Directors

S.L. Kirloskar Centre for Executive Education (SLKCEE) conducted "Insider Trading Compliance Program 2019-20" on the 22nd, 23rd,29th and 30th November 2019 at KIAMS Pune Campus. The Program was graced by the Kirloskar family along with 44 Directors from various companies of the Kirloskar Group, including - Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited (KOEL), Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Limited (KPCL), Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Limited (KFIL), Kirloskar Industries Limited (KIL), Kirloskar Chillers Private Limited (KCPL) and Kirloskar Proprietary Limited (KPL) to name a few. Dr. V.R. Narasimhan, Mr. Tushar Ajinkya, Mr. Sujjain Talwar and Mr. J Ranganayaku shed light on various concepts and aspects of Insider Trading and also talked about the roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders to curtail such incidents.

The KIAMS student community was an active partner of SLKCEE and helped in coordinating the program delivery. Students had organized skits and other entertainment events to keep the Directors soothed after the day-long lectures. A one-to-one interaction was organized wherein 14 Directors interacted with the entire student community at KIAMS Pune. The interaction session was very energetic as both the Directors and the students could table thoughts coming from very different mind-sets. The networking dinner also gave a platform to the students for getting to know the Directors and gathering career advices and knowledge from them.



Learning Resource Centre, Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies, Pune conducted Book Exhibition on 25th & 26th November, 2019 from 9:00AM to 05:30PM. The event was inaugurated by Dr. L. K. Tripathy, Director- KIAMS. The event was graced by the presence of Mr. Amarshekhar Bhonagiri, Vice President- KIAMS.

The exhibition was coordinated by Mr. Sayed Ahmed Inamdar, Librarian and Mr. Umesh Rakshe, Library Assistant. The display consisted of around 1500 volume of books spread across the various publishers which includes McGraw hill, Oxford, Harvard Publishing, Sage, CRC Press, Pearson, Cengage etc. covering Management related subjects, fiction, non-fiction, light reading and other rare collections. The event received an excellent response from Faculty, Students, & Staff community. Overall the event was successful.

Emblaze 2.0

KIAMS organized its Inter-Collegiate annual management fest “Emblaze 2.0” on the 6th and 7th of February.

Emblaze is the flagship event of our institute, the legacy of which began in 2018-2019 with the aim to bring together the students of different educational institutes and to provide a platform for showcasing their managerial skills, creativity and sportsmanship.

The theme of Emblaze 2.0 was #EarthLimitedEdition. This theme was chosen keeping in mind the urgent need to address the issue of saving mother Earth. The theme throws light on the recent incidents that have taken place across the globe mainly Brazilian rainstorm , Philippine volcano, The Amazon Rainforest fire, The Australian bush fire on land, and the marine plastic pollution. The need of the hour is a concentrated effort from all the stakeholders to realize the emergency and act accordingly. The motto was to spread the message to youth on a larger scale, as our generation would save the generations to come.


Samvedna-2019 was held on the 23rd & 24th of November 2019

This was a first of a kind of an event organized here at the Pune campus. It was the air of ecstasy, as alumni from the 1st batch to graduate from Pune to the latest batch came in flooded with memories and had the time of their lives as they took a walk down the memory lane.

There was a plethora of activities planned for the precious stalwarts of the institute and all the current students got a chance to interact with them and gather as much as they could, from the wisdom the seniors imparted. The management of the college informed the alumni about the current practices that are adopted by the institution, new initiatives and they were keen to understand how the Alumni would like to contribute towards the institute building.

The students also got to learn a great deal of things from the seniors. The two-day celebration helped in re-establishing the long lost connections and started a new chapter in the history of KIAMS Pune.

The President’s Citations & Awards Ceremony

The President’s Citations & Awards Ceremony held on Friday, 18th October 2019 at Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies.

The KIAMS President’s Citation and Award is a prestigious ceremony for the companies where the students completed their Business Immersion projects.

It was organised to express the Institute’s gratitude and recognise the efforts of the mentors and companies that have supported KIAMS students through their three months of industry experience.

The entire BI Project experience was broadly classified into three stages, Pre-Project, During-Project and the Post-Project. Where in the basic parameters and criteria for this was based upon the nature of the project given to the student, the number of students engaged, the orientation they received during their first day, the proper plan and execution of the project, continuous support and guidance from the assigned mentor, the presentations taken, feedback and suggestions shared after the completion of the project.

The companies that were part of this assessment were, Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd., Kirloskar Pneumatic Co. Ltd, Kirloskar Chillers Pvt. Ltd and Kloudq.

KOEL bagged the KIAMS AADHAAR AWARD 2019 as the best BI Company and it was received by Mr.R.R.Deshpande the Managing Director & CEO, KOEL and awarded by Smt.Suman Kirloskar.

Mr. Abhya Naik and Mr. Ramesh Chavan from KOEL received the best Mentor Awards and it was awarded by Mr.Atul Kirloskar(President,Governing Council KIAMS)

KIAMS heartily congratulate KOEL and all the mentors of the companies for their unstinted guidance and support towards this industry-academic partnership.

KIAMS Samvad

Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies(KIAMS) conducted “KIAMS Samvad” on 27th September 2019 in LH1.

The main motive of this event was to bring all the stakeholders together and to depict that KIAMS is one single family. It’s our belief that anyone who plays even the smallest of roles in the running and development of KIAMS is a “Stakeholder” and should be given a platform to share their opinion.

With this in mind,KIAMS has launched a new initiative called “KIAMS संवाद” to bring all its Stakeholders, i.e. all students,vendors,staff,faculty and management, together to a common ground where each can give a voice to what they think would make KIAMS a better organization.

The speakers praised the initiative of Stakeholder’s Meet. The speakers at the event were Mr. Amarshekhar Bhonagiri, Mr. D.B. Nimbalkar and Dr. Bidyanand Jha.


Ganesh Chathurti is celebrate as birthday of Lord Ganesha. Ganpati Bappa is said to be the God of wisdom. Kirloskar Institute of Advance Management Studies welcomed Bappa on 2 September 2019. This event was organized by Cultural committee. All the students danced and welcomed Bappa with great enthusiasm and love. To mark the beginning of this loved festival the session started with all the Faculty and students reciting the traditional aarti and lamp lighting. Students of batch 22 and 21 welcomed Bappa with pomp.

Janmashtami 2019

Kirloskar Institute of Advance Management Studies (KIAMS), Pune celebrated Janmashthami on 24 August 2019 at 6:30 pm. It was organized by Cultural committee.

Birth of Lord Krishna was celebrated with great enthusiasm and energy. Students of B21 and B22 had a face off in building a human pyramid in motive of breaking the pot. The pot was filled with curd and milk. Janmashthami celebration took place in courtyard. After breaking the pot all the students danced their heart out to catchy songs. It was truly a rejoicing event and students of both the batches bonded very well over this celebration. All the non-teaching staff of the Admin Department were present at the event.

All the students of Batch 21 and 22 participated in the “Dahi Handi” event.

Fresher’s Day 2019

Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies(KIAMS) conducted “Freshers” on 22nd to 25th July 2019.

Day 1- Dodgeball was conducted by the Sports Committee of Batch 21 in Auditorium

Day 2- Blind fold event was conducted by Management Committee of Batch 21 in LH1

Day 3- Cultural Event like singing, dancing was conducted by Cultural committee of Batch 21 in Auditorium

Day 4- The final day was the Talent Hunt Round which included events like Fashion Show, Dancing, Singing and according to this Mr and Ms Fresher were selected.

International Yoga Day 2018

Derived from the Sanskrit word 'Yuj', yoga is an ancient practice that is the union of one's mind and body. It connects the body, mind and spirit through various body postures, meditation and controlled breathing. KIAMS practised yoga in celebration of the International Yoga Day on 21st June 2018 and garnered an overwhelming participation from the students.

KIAMS Convocation 2019

‘Please ensure that you are always working for the customer’
- Mr. Atul Kirloskar

Pune, April 20, 2019: ‘‘When you start doing a job, you get used to it and tend to forget that all businesses are there for the customer. This fact is slowly forgotten, and we start thinking instead of what we are doing and what we are offering. Therefore, it is always important to sense the desires of the customer.’’, said renowned entrepreneur Atul Kirloskar. He was speaking to the students at the convocation ceremony of Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) today in Pune.

The convocation of the class of 2019 of KIAMS was held in the presence of Atul Kirloskar, President, Governing Council, KIAMS along with the Chief Guest R. R. Deshpande, MD and CEO, Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd and Dr. Vikas Joshi, Founder and CEO, Harbinger Group. Amarshekhar Bhonagiri, Vice President, KIAMS, Dr. V. S. Pai, Director, KIAMS (Harihar), Dr. Amit Sinha, Director, KIAMS (Pune) were present among the dignitaries.  

In the ceremony held on the Pune campus of the institute, 178 graduating students in KIAMS’s Pune and Harihar campus (Karnataka) received PG Diploma certificates at the hands of R. R. Deshpande and Dr. Vikas Joshi.  

From the class of 2019, Neha Agarwal from Pune campus and Ananth Hegde from Harihar campus won the overall gold medal. While the overall silver medal is awarded to Manpreet Manoj (Pune) and Vipul Lahoti (Harihar). Along with the gold and silver medal winners, Soumen Saha, Utsha Ray, Shreya Shrivastava, Aakansha Agnihotri and Satya Prakash were awarded for being toppers of different specializations. A special Distinguished Alumni Award was given to Hitendra Ramachandran, and Shrishail Deshnur.

While talking to the students, Kirloskar also stressed that the real education starts after getting into the business. He said, ‘‘When the students join the corporate world after education, they still must have passion for learning more and more. Listen to the suggestions of others before making any decision. There is always an advantage in the diversity of thinking as you may not be able to think everything.’’

R. R. Deshpande and Vikas Joshi shared some of their learning experiences with the students. Deshpande said that regardless of whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur, respecting people is the most important thing for success. One should not become self-satisfied or get into the comfort zone even if you achieve some goals. He also stressed that continuous improvement is the necessity of the day. Dr. Joshi highlighted the importance of the power of networking capital, continuous learning through difficult situations, and understanding the difference of opinion in a team by narrating his real-life experiences.



Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies, Pune conducted a two day Inter– College Fest EMBLAZE 2019 -Ancient India- A pursuit from Bullock Cart to Bullet Train, on 28/02/19 and 01/03/2019
The event was entirely Student Driven. It was a perfect blend of Academic, Cultural and Sports activities and was a host to over 250 participants from various institutes. Business Quiz, Best Manager, Youth Parliament, Stock Mock, Fashion Show, Dance, Singing and Sports were some of highlights of the fest.
EMBLAZE aimed at providing students a platform to augment their talents and knacks in various areas related to business and industry. All participants were awarded with certificates and the winners were endowed with trophies and cash prizes across all the events.

Guest Lecture of Mr. Shashi Kumar


Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies, Pune for the students of Batch 22 and Batch 21 on 26/07/2019 on topic “Vision to be an Entrepreneur”

He is an entrepreneur and a result driven director with extensive project management, advisory service, research and consulting experience. He enjoys a proven record of custom research project management and providing timely actionable recommendations to clients across the industry verticals. Sound research background with the ability to understand the leading-edge technologies, identify market trends and transform them into marketing strategies.

He gave insights ranging from market analysis, market sizing and forecasting, man management, business planning, market strategy, results delivery, cost reduction, international business industry which he is expert at.

He shared insights and experiences regarding interview techniques and what industry expects from the candidate. He mentored the students who had budding entrepreneur ideas and want to start on business with a feasible idea with a right partner.

He shared his opinion on “Need to Start a Business”

  • Business should solve a problem
  • Wisely Choose a Business partners
  • Scalability of business
  • Understanding importance operational efficiency

The interactive session had insights on CV building, attitude towards internships, job interviews, building professional network, to pack of young minds of both the batches.

Orientation 2019

We conduct a one-week orientation program for the incoming students, to ease their interaction into the KIAMS family. During this week students get to meet other students, become familiar with campus services, and the PGDM program.

While orientation has been traditionally for students, in the previous years, the institute has recognized the fact that parents need help in dealing with the transition. Keeping this in mind, we have added parent orientation on the first day of the orientation week.

The orientation program was conducted on 17th June 2019 at KIAMS Pune for the Pune students.

During the orientation week, students were able to connect with eminent professionals from various areas like Marketing, Finance, Operations, Human Resource and Business Analytics.

The students experienced a wide range of involvement like case studies, presentations, team games and participate in an out bound training session.

The week’s flow of the orientation program:



1) Monday,17th June 2019 Inaugural ceremony Welcome and Campus tour Introduction to KIAMS family Registration Parent Faculty Meet
2) Tuesday, 18th June 2019 Yoga Guest speakers from specialized domains Interaction with Distinguished Alumni
3) Wednesday, 19th June 2019 Yoga Introduction and presentation for each department at KIAMS-Pune Ice Breaker session for students. Overnight Case study assignment.
4) Thursday , 20th June 2019 Yoga Presentation of the Case. Group activities
5) Friday, 21st June 2019 Yoga Continuation of activity Out Bound activity Valedictory ceremony Closure of the orientation
6) Saturday, 22nd June 2019 Out bound activity