Kirloskar Analytics

Why Analytics?

There is a huge surge in demand to mine data and derive meaningful insights out of it so that Organisations can be more cost effective or add value to their products and service offerings. Many Organisations and managers are ill equipped to handle this demand in their real-world operations. The programmes on big data analytics planned at Kirloskar analytics will help Organisations uncover insight to improve business processes and come up with ideas that can give them competitive advantage. Kirloskar analytics at SLKCEE is an environment that will nurture needs of data scientist and help them be successful.

PGP in Big Data Analytics and Optimisation

The growing influence of Big Data Analytics that has left no aspect of life go untouched has marked the emergence of new world opportunities with flourishing careers offering salaries that were otherwise restricted to an elite few.

Our Postgraduate Certificate in Big Data Analytics and Optimisation is an industry-focused and intensely research driven data science training culminating with big data analytics certification that’s much sought after by employers worldwide.

This data science course covers the entire expanse of Data Science and Big Data Analytics knowledge requirements covering Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Pig, R, Python, Deep Learning, Text Mining, NLP, Optimisation, Visualisation Techniques and Predictive Analytics.

The certification’s industry orientation, guaranteed internship in-built into the program, the best in the world faculty and data scientists, real time lab environment, scholarships ranging up to the full tuition fees and unparalleled career services makes it the best Data Science certification in Pune and beyond.

Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies