Post Graduate Diploma In Management

KIAMS offers varied content-rich program which is industry specific and have a multi-disciplinary approach.The primary objective is to build a better future.
PGDM is a two-year full-time Post-Graduate Program in Management, spread over six trimesters. With this program, it has acquired its place amongst the other PGDM Colleges in Pune & Harihar, by delivering education with a unique experience.

The program has evolved an exceptional blend of experiential and traditional learning methods. It is designed to impart:


Teach the facts, frameworks and theories of management to the students


Cultivate the skills, capabilities and techniques that build the core of management


Impart values, attitudes and beliefs that go on to build a particular worldview

KIAMS aims to enhance the quality of graduates with the help of managerial skills that aid them in embracing the role of ‘Business Leaders’ in various fields.

Business Immersion

This institute provides the students with an opportunity to learn more about the corporate ecosystem through a three-month long internship program.

Student Enhancement Plan

StEP or Student Enhancement Plan is a unique practice at the institute designed to strengthen the fundamentals needed of a manager to flourish in the corporate work place. This is executed through the Mentor-Protégé groups formed. The professors (mentors) handhold students (protégé) in improving the latter’s soft skills as well as technical cum managerial skills. Due to the Student Enhancement Plan, several skill sets of a student are enhanced at the end of the two-year PGDM program. These include communication skills, attitude development as well as critical analysis ability, current affairs knowledge, quantitative & qualitative aptitude and domain knowledge. A ‘Communication and Awareness Forum’ exists which supports students to become aware of developments happening in the environment.