Final Placement Program

Final Placement Program

Participation Intent

Companies are requested to confirm their participation in the Final Placement Programme by sending the letter to the Placement Office.

Job Descriptions

Companies are requested to send a detailed job description for the position they wish to recruit for. This enables the students to make an informed choice and also ensures right candidate for right job.

Resume Lists

Once the job requirements are received from the company, resumes of interested students will be sent to the companies. The company should send in shortlists at least a week before the day they are slotted to visit the campus / placement camp for the recruitment process.

Final Placements

Commence from October onwards.

It begins with a formal interaction between the student community and participating companies through Pre-Placement Talk (PPT). The objective of PPT is to provide the students with an opportunity to understand the organization, the job profile and career prospects.

Final Placement Process

All the job offers an organisation would like to make should be channeled only through the Placement Office. No job offer should be made directly to any student. The first firm offer received by a student in the Placement Programme will have to be accepted by the student and s/he will be withdrawn from the subsequent placement process.