Dr. V.B. Padmanabhan

Dr. V.B. Padmanabhan is a highly accomplished professional with over 34 years of experience in banking & finance industry. He started his career in banking beginning with Syndicate Bank- one of the leading nationalized bank in the country. He was gradually elevated to various positions of responsibility, the last of which was Chief Manager of the Bank. Apart from Syndicate Bank, he has also had positions of responsibility in several reputed banks.

Aside from the Banking operations, he is well trained in Advances and Foreign operations, handling Import and Export trade, remittances, foreign currency, Fixing of foreign currency rates for different operations. He has worked in small, medium, urban, and metropolitan centres as Manager/Chief Manager of the bank, in different branches all over India. He was in charge of disbursement of ‘United Nations Compensation’ for Indian citizens returning from Kuwait, immediately after the Kuwait war during 1991 while in Syndicate Bank. Amongst his many a responsible roles at leading banking & financial institutions across the nation, his stint as Chief Manager at Sangli Bank’s Bangalore branch stood out.

Academically, he has also worked in many reputed management institutions. He was the Academic Chairperson at International School of Business & Media (ISB&M) during 2013-14 at Niduvanda, Bangalore.

He has given lectures on Finance related topics in Raj Mangalam University in Bangkok, and ICFAI, Sri Lanka and many other places within India.

He holds a doctorate from Corllins University (USA). He has also been a Fellow member of The Institute of Cost and Management Accountants, Kolkata (FCMA); Certificated Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers, Mumbai (CAIIB); and Mutual Funds of India, Mumbai (AMFI). He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law and Science. He has got a passion for teaching various subjects in Finance and Banking.

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