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S L Kirloskar Center for Executive Education (SLKCEE) has its vision to be an outstanding Centre of Excellence for Executive Education, committed to competency building of individuals and organizations, through training and advisory services.

SLKCEE will develop a distinguished portfolio of product and service offerings, including publications, applied research and thought leadership, to address the current and emerging needs of Indian Industry, for developing contemporary managerial and leadership competencies. It will act as a catalyst for competency building, both knowledge and managerial skills, to meet the transformation needs of the industry.

SLKCEE endeavours to take a lead role in Government of India’s scheme on Enhancement of Competitiveness in Indian Capital Goods Sector. The philosophical framework for the programmes offered under this umbrella is Industry 4.0 activities and additive manufacturing to enable smart manufacturing a reality.

SLKCEE will partner with IIT Mumbai and Fran Haufer University Germany to design and deliver Programmes that will integrate Operations Technology, Information Technology and Digital Transformation to help ignite successful smart manufacturing strategies.

SLKCEE is a part of KIAMS and was conceived as a Knowledge Hub and Centre for Excellence in Executive Education for Kirloskar Group companies in 1991. The Kirloskar brothers have played an important role in planning and executing this Centre to make their Managers and Leaders ‘globally fit’ by designing and delivering management development programmes for different cadre of leaders within the K-Group. In addition, the Management boot camp run by this Centre for Management Trainees and Graduate Engineer Trainees has ensured high quality budding managers have entered the group. Today SLKCEE helps executives advance their career at every level for corporate outside the K-Group.

Key Milestones

  • 1991 – Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) was conceived as an Executive Centre and Knowledge Hub for Kirloskar Group.
  • 1995 – KIAMS was opened to managers all over India
  • 1998 – Started fully residential Post Graduate Diploma in Management Program in Harihar (Karnataka) Campus
  • 2010 – PGDM Course starts in the second campus of KIAMS in Pune
  • 2013 – S. L. Kirloskar Centre for Executive Education was established in Pune Campus

The name ‘SLK’ in SLKCEE is inspired by Mr. Shantanurao Laxmanrao Kirloskar (1903 – 1994), one of the early successful entrepreneurs of India. A man of principles, his keen business acumen, global perspective and innovative streak coupled with strong determination, hastened India on the path to economic success in the pre-independence era.

He often said, “Economic preparedness is as vital as military preparedness.” He was a futurist who always worked towards making India globally competitive. In May 2003, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the then Prime Minister of India, released a commemorative postage stamp marking Mr. S. L. Kirloskar’s 100th centenary. SLKCEE takes great pride in being named after such a pioneer; a man who had unstinting faith in his ideas and had the courage to take on challenges towards achieving his goals. He continues to be the force behind our success and inspiration.

Mr. Somashekhar Krishnamani


Mr. Somashekhar Krishnamani is the Director of S.L. Kirloskar Center for Executive Education in Pune. He is a Learning and Development Professional, Academician and Research scholar who has 28 years of work experience. A decade and half of his experience is devoted to Consulting and providing Leadership Development solutions. His clients include some of the top Multinational companies and Indian companies across Telecom, Manufacturing, Technology, E-commerce and Food businesses.

In his earlier assignment with Indian School of Business he was the Key Account Manager for International relationship with Global Schools like Kellogg School of Management, NUS Singapore, Macquarie University Australia, Strathmore University Kenya and Coursera. His expertise includes designing programmes for independent and whole time Members of the Board and C-suite level leaders on corporate governance, triple bottom line and compliance.

Somashekhar has an MBA and M Phil in Management and has authored 2 business cases and 3 articles in Scopus rated Journals. He is also currently completing his doctorate.

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