Executive Education

Executive Education

Executive Education


For Organisations

Management Development programs help create a competitive advantage through human capital that is difficult to copy. Further, good MDP’s allow managers to step back from their day to day grind and look at things afresh. It also enables them to brush up their business fundamentals and leadership skills needed for taking up higher roles.
In an economy that is growing close to double digits, corporates are now investing in their executives to ensure that they are ahead of the pack. Kirloskar Institute of Management (KIM) offers programs that have relevance to content and context.

Our MDP’s can help your company builds the competencies that you desire for each band of managers.
Features of our MDP include provision for:

  • Action learning projects
  • Facilitation by faculty who come with the right mix of industry and academic research
  • Customizing content to fit the requirements of your organization
  • Networking opportunities to learn from peers and contemporaries
  • Individual coaching for budding leaders

For Individuals

Offerings from Kirloskar Institute of Management (KIM) for high- potential fast-track individuals seeking development inputs are in the form of:

  • Executive MBA
  • Thought leader series
  • Lecture tours
  • Seminars
  • Symposia
  • Workshops
  • Annual calendar of programs that cut across management themes

The program design team at Kirloskar Institute of Management (KIM) works to identify current business and industry challenges through extensive research on the business environment and discussion with industry experts, management thinkers, and corporate leaders. This ensures the learning solutions remain relevant to the dynamic business scenarios. Our open programs focus on different markets and industries and cuts across functions. These programs are designed to refresh knowledge and learn the most innovative business practices adopted by management globally. Conducted in a creative and competitive atmosphere, adopting multiple pedagogy learning approaches ensures participants can effectively apply their learning to their work the very next day. The duration of the programs/workshops are anywhere between one and three days. These programs follow a rolling calendar to always provide you with an inventory of 12 consecutive months starting from the day of your subscription comprising of different programs to choose from. Our Open Program thus created will help build a real impact on the participants.

Our Forte

  • Focus on practice
  • Faculty with domain expertise
  • Values of Kirloskar group
  • Pedagogy tuned to adult learning
  • Inter disciplinary approach

Management Boot Camp

A unique career-transforming managerial boot camp designed to provide the right amount of exposure and techniques for the highly competitive corporate world.

A practical program which focuses on four critical management areas:

Managing self

  • Time management
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Feedback and crucial conversation

Managing the team

  • Managing performance
  • Change management
  • Addressing and dealing with poor performance

Managing tasks

  • Effective operations
  • How SCM affects operations
  • Project management
  • Excel in execution

Effective decision making

  • Analytics for decision making
  • Design thinking at the workplace

For Manufacturing domain


  • How to become globally competitive
  • Agile manufacturing


  • Linking artificial intelligence and physical manufacturing
  • Integrate cyber – physical systems using the Internet of Things


  • Development and adoption of industry 4.0 technologies – localizing and customising
  • Project consultancy for MSME sector
  • R&D project projects for SME sector
  • Pilot projects
  • Roll out of smart production systems – customized solutions, development, deployment, technology transfer, and hand holding


  • Exploring limits of unmanned or automated production for companies from the auto sector, aerospace, and machine tools

For IT/ITES domain

  • Agile project management
  • Business models for a digitally connected world
  • Critical thinking
  • Data science and data analytics
  • Soft skills essential for IT professionals
  • Negotiation and influence
  • Crucial conversations
  • Time management
  • Communication and presentation skills

There is a huge demand for constant upskilling and reskilling of professionals in the IT & ITES sector. With a workforce of 3 million, India’s IT Managers account for 15-20% of staff at companies. These managers are seeking high-value credentials and certifications that can keep them relevant for today’s business and future-ready for disruptive change that is taking the IT domain by storm. Offerings under this head intend to create a high yield technology leadership credential for Mid to Senior Managers to build behavioral capabilities and technical expertise in their business domain.

Skill building programs

  • Campus to Corporate
  • Experiential learning through Out Bound Training Initiatives

Online Learning

Kirloskar Institute of Management (KIM) Online Learning platform innovates the way executives learn and organizations develop talent. The intent is to enable individuals and organizations to develop talent in a way that is practical, convenient for today’s executives, and cost-effective. Our online learning can be customized to organizational needs. Whether you’re looking to explore a single subject or build a foundation for future academic or career pursuits, these courses, taught by faculty who come with teaching, consulting, and publishing experience will provide you with the fundamentals of business and management. Offerings include individual courses and modules clubbed together to culminate in certification.


Management Consulting

Kirloskar Institute of Management (KIM) will provide consulting services to companies to help them deliver business results. Avenues for consulting could arise from any of the following areas:

  • Training Need Analysis done by the company HR
  • Based on a particular assignment like preparing a retention strategy
  • Direct requirement from functional departments with request for carrying out market research or benchmark study
  • Advisory services like M&A / buyout or post-merger integration
  • Tenure based consulting assignments that are based on short-term projects
  • Hands-on projects

Applied Research

Kirloskar Institute of Management (KIM) will engage with clients or corporate closely to use management theory, knowledge, methods, and techniques to practice for a specific business domain (Kirloskar Analytics for one) or a client-driven purpose.

  • Set up Centre for Excellence
  • Chair Professorship
  • Fellowship
  • Specific requirement by KIM faculty
  • Live projects by students of KIM

Industry Tie-Ups

Kirloskar Institute of Management (KIM) will create an eco-system for a closer working relationship between KIM and large businesses. Corporates will benefit from closer engagement with an easier to access and re-focussed business and management academic community of Kirloskar Institute of Management (KIM).

  • Setting up incubators for start-ups
  • Innovation Hubs
  • Managing grants and scholarships
  • Creating endowment fund
  • Academic excellence awards
  • Sabbatical for KIM faculty


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Custom Leadership Programs

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