Bachelors of Business Administration

At KIAMS, we strive to produce future business leaders who are innovative, flexible and extremely competent in using business tools and concepts, whilst drawing on their understanding of the real world and global awareness.

Our BBA program develops students' insight and skill in launching, building and managing brands and businesses.

This qualification combines strategy and creativity in business with financial management, economics, critical thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship. The program presents a balanced combination between humanities and the world of commerce to graduate students with an interest in new business and communication ventures.

Program Educational Objectives

The course is built around a number of core objectives. By the end of the course, students should be able to:

  • Recognize the managerial and entrepreneurial potential within yourself and others in your environment
  • Understand the process nature of a management driven organisation, and ways to manage the process
  • Identify the many ways in which business manifests itself, including start-up contexts, corporate contexts, social contexts, public sector contexts, and others
  • Develop an appreciation for opportunity, recognize it, and evaluate it
  • Appraise the nature of creative new business concepts that can be turned into sustainable business ventures
  • Research and evaluate the personal attributes and skills that characterize the “successful” manager
  • Appreciate the ethical issues that are intimately intertwined with managerial activities, and develop a personal framework for managing ethical dilemmas

BBA Programme Outcomes

1. Knowledge of Business and Management

Have a broad body of knowledge in business management concepts, current practices in a global business environment and emerging technologies to support, sustain and innovate business.

2. Research and Business Intelligence

Acquire qualitative and quantitative skills to consolidate, synthesise, and analyse business information. Apply theoretical as well as technical knowledge and skills to provide socially and ethically responsible, evidence-based business solutions.

3. Problem Solving and Decision Making

Inculcate problem solving, decision making and critical thinking skills to provide viable solutions for business problems.

4. Creativity and Innovation

Explain the nature of creativity, innovations, and translate insights into opportunities and action.
Demonstrate how creativity and innovations are initiated, included and managed in an organisation.

5. Intercultural Competence / Communication

Cherish diversity to communicate effectively in cross-cultural contexts, and facilitate collaborative professional partnerships.

6. Teamwork

Instill the ability to work and collaborate as a team member and contribute to achieve team goals.
Exhibit the ability to responsibly collaborate with others to effectively disseminate learning/ project/ research outcomes to a variety of audiences using highly developed communication skills and work productively within a team of experts in the field.

Value Added Certifications and Activities

At KIAMS, we strongly believe in adding value to the student's overall development. In addition to the curriculum, we offer the students with various "Value Added Certifications and Activities" that make them ready not just for the corporate, but for life.
Furthermore, we practice "Case Analyses" as one of our numerous pedagogies. We have a vast library of cases drawn from across the World, from various sources such as Harvard Business Review, and SAGE amongst others.
During their time with us, they will be undergoing the following value added certifications and activities:

Certifications Courses

Digital Marketing NISM Training at Mumbai
Media Planning e- Commerce
Customer / Data Analytics Tally/Any other Accounting Packages

Personality Enrichment Activities

Outbound Learning Activities (Soft skill enhancement, Entrepreneurship) Live Projects involving Market & Industry surveys
Aptitude development classes Library assistance for competitive examinations