Priyanka Eluri, Head Outsourcing, MTR Foods Pvt Ltd, Class of 2008-10

“The gulf between results and dreams is bridged by persistent action” – a quote well said by one of my mentors and something that I strongly believe in. Today, I am proud to say that KIAMS has been the bridge to my management career dream.

I would like to summarise my learning here with the 3Cs – Competence, Confidence and Conviction. The competence to meet the industry requirements, the confidence to take up the business challenges, and the ability to speak up with conviction and a lot more happened to me at KIAMS.

The two year PGDM programme had an eclectic mix of all the elements required to make one a successful manager right from the course curriculum to the great professors and the very interesting assignments and assessments. All these have helped me immensely in my corporate journey as a management trainee to the current position that I’m in. Some of the professors have influenced me professionally and personally and continue to do so.

Thank you KIAMS, thank you for everything!

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  • As per the directives of AICTE, we have already conducted an online test which included an aptitude and a communication test.