Has your career growth stagnated?

Has your salary hike hit the wall?

You may be paying the price for not upskilling yourself. The time has come for you to switch to futuristic technologies that pay exponentially higher salaries and yield immense job satisfaction.

Here’s our globally acclaimed PGP in Big Data Analytics training and certification program that has transformed careers of over 3000 tech aspirants in fetching them dream jobs with dream employers at dream salaries.

Elite recognition

Featuring right alongside Stanford and Columbia Universities, SLKCEE & INSOFE’s Postgraduate Certificate in Big Data Analytics and Optimization (formerly CPEE) is one, and the only from India, in CIO.com’s list of ’19 big data certifications that will pay off’ for the 5th consecutive year in a row. Language Technologies Institute (LTI) of the Carnegie Mellon University has certified the program for the quality of content, pedagogy and assessment.

About SL Kirloskar Centre for Executive Education

S L Kirloskar Center for Executive Education (SLKCEE) has its vision to be an outstanding Centre of Excellence for Executive Education, committed to competency building of individuals and organizations, through training and advisory services.

SLKCEE will develop a distinguished portfolio of product and service offerings, including publications, applied research and thought leadership, to address the current and emerging needs of Indian Industry, for developing contemporary managerial and leadership competencies. It will act as a catalyst for competency building, both knowledge and managerial skills, to meet the transformation needs of the industry.


The culture of forward thinking and innovation defines INSOFE.Having benchmarked itself among the world’s best, INSOFE has been at the forefront of helping individuals and organizations adopt disruptive technologies that impact businesses and the society.

INSOFE empowers all to tap into powerful new technologies like of Data Science, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Engineering, Blockchain, IOT and Financial Engineering to build unrivalled businesses. It does so by training professionals across the pyramid of an organization, from engineers who code to product managers, tech leads and architects to CTOs and CXOs.

Established in 2011, its thriving campuses are in Gachibowli area of Hyderabad and HSR Layout area of Bengaluru. In Pune, it delivers programs in collaboration with SLKCEE. In the US, it offers programs at the prestigious Case Western Reserve University.

At a global scale, INSOFE has delivered programs in USA, Europe, China and Middle East. In their lookout for new age tech skills, INSOFE has emerged as the go-to place for over a dozen Fortune 500 companies spread across the world. It has offered training at Apple, Microsoft, Deloitte, HP Global Analytics, Philips, ADP, Honeywell, Cognizant, Abercombie and Fitch, Optum, CISCO, Johnson and Johnson, US Steel, Flipkart, Rakuten, Bank of America, CA Technologies, Vistakon, Kohl’s and many more leading organizations.

About Kirloskaranalytics

Why analytics? There is a huge surge in demand to mine data and derive meaningful insights out of it so that organizations can be more cost effective or add value to their products and service offerings. Many organizations and managers are ill equipped to handle this demand in their real-world operations. The programmes on big data analytics planned at Kirloskaranalytics will help organizations uncover insight to improve business processes and come up with ideas that can give them competitive advantage. Kirloskaranalytics at SLKCEE is an environment that will nurture needs of data scientist and help them be successful.

About PGP in Big Data Analytics and Optimization

Gain great propects from our Postgraduate course in Big Data Analytics in Pune.

The growing influence of Big Data Analytics that has left no aspect of life go untouched has marked the emergence of new world opportunities with flourishing careers offering salaries that were otherwise restricted to an elite few.

Our Postgraduate Certificate in Big Data Analytics and Optimization is an industry-focused and intensely research driven data science training culminating with big data analytics certification that’s much sought after by employers worldwide.

This data science course covers the entire expanse of Data Science and Big Data Analytics knowledge requirements covering Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Pig, R, Python, Deep Learning, Text Mining, NLP, Optimization, Visualization Techniques and Predictive Analytics.

The certification’s industry orientation, guaranteed internship in-built into the program, the best in the world faculty and data scientists, real time lab environment, scholarships ranging up to the full tuition fees and unparalleled career services makes it the best Data Science certification in Pune and beyond.

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Career Services

Build the workforce your company needs. Our expertly curated Big Data Analytics Training in Pune gives you more than just certification skills. Many graduates and mid-career professionals are now an asset to their organizations.

SLKCEE all-round services are shaped to foster complete personality development. With this PGP in Big Data Analytics from SLKCEE on your CV, you will open doors to a future in many areas of computing and information technology, particularly in the areas of data analytics, business intelligence, and information manage.

To help you make the most of all these options, you will be well supported by our careers service, who’ll give advice on job application techniques, and by our academic staff who can provide guidance on relevant employment opportunities.


Rise in Salary Typically

6.5 Lakhs

Average Fresher Salary


Hike in Second Year

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