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Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

Post Graduate Programme In Management

Having made a mark in the area of executive education in the country, KIAMS ventured into training bright young minds in high quality management education to meet the managerial leadership gap in the country. The resources and competencies developed for the managerial training were extended by the Institute to the students of the Post Graduate Diploma in Management Programme (PGDM).

KIAMS offers a two year fully residential Post Graduate Diploma in Management Programme to train and develop managers for the next millennium. We provide a state-of-the-art learning environment with top-of-the-line facilities.

Programme Objectives

To be effective leaders, students must understand their own strengths and weaknesses, and look for opportunities to grow by overcoming weaknesses and sharpening strengths. Cognitive preparation is a mandate to challenge the future. They must also be able to understand organizational objectives, the relative importance of different factors; and be efficient in implementing the ensuing policies. It is vital that they are also capable of convincing other people and at the same time are proactive team players.

During the 2 years of this intensive programme they develop

  • Management Development Programs - training and consulting education for industry executives
  • Consultancy - in India and abroad
  • The ability to think critically and rationally
  • A clear overview of how different aspects of business relate to each other and the flexibility to fit into a wide range of business functions
  • The ability to cope with pressure over an extended period
  • Willingness to take a co-operative approach to problem solving

Uniqueness Of The PGDM Programme

The Institute through its executive training programs provides a platform for practicing managers, academics and professionals to meet, interact and exchange concepts, ideas, and experiences in different fields of management. PGDM Students benefit by interacting with these participants and experts. Very few business schools in the country provide this opportunity. The alliance with the Kirloskar Group companies enables students to have hands-on experience as well as link theory to practice.

The thrust of the program is to prepare true global managers - with capabilities to manage successfully in the fast changing global economy.

Uniqueness Of The PGDM Programme

Expert Consultancy

KIAMS gives its faculty a unique opportunity to grapple with live business issues through Consultancy projects and visioning exercises. In the early days, the faculty have been involved in Consultancy assignments such as Strategic planning assignments for K-Group, Business Process Reengineering for Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd., Strategic repositioning for Kirloskar Brothers, AOP planning for (the erstwhile) Kirloskar Copeland and Competitive Marketing Strategies for NDDB. The more recent assignments include Process Orientation Training for the Group. Overseas Assignments include Human Capital Restructuring for Abdullah Hashim Co Ltd, Saudi Arabia and executive coaching for Dubai businessman. The consultancies are a rich source of experiential knowledge that guides the faculty teaching and research endeavors.

Experiencing Industry

This is a crucial part of the PGDM Programme and is facilitate in the following modes:

  • Industry Visits : In the first term to help students have a glimpse at the ground realities of the world of Business. It will also help them to relate class room teaching to the processes and practices they have looked at during the visits.
  • Business Immersion : This is the highlight of the industry experience at KIAMS. Its is a long 20 week internship with a corporate or empirical research projects under faculty guidance. The long internship is expected to provide fresher as well as experienced candidates a practical exposure and hands on experience in the area of their specialiization.
    The Long internship will help students make a mark in the industry resulting into more confidence during plaqcement interviews. It will also help them to perform from day1 once they are placed. Thereby reducing the initial training period.
  • Course Assignments : Students also selectively take live industry projects as part of their course requirements.
  • Other Modes : Include interactions with executives in guest lectures, seminars etc.