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Everything You Should Know About Top MBA Colleges In Bangalore

If you are a management aspirant hoping to have a successful career in the corporate world then you understand the importance of choosing the best B School. There are many management institutes all over the country that offer PGDM programs that are on par with the best in the world. But how much do you really know about B Schools beyond the IIMs and other usual suspects? Have you heard about the merits of Top MBA Colleges In Bangalore and how they can open new doors for you?

Only a small percentage of the candidates get through the IIMs and couple of other top schools, given the intense competition. But it’s important to remember that there are many corporate bigwigs, entrepreneurs, and leaders who have made it through various education centers, including Best MBA Colleges in Bangalore. Often referred to as the IT capital of the country, Bangalore has a lot more to offer to foreign and Indian companies alike. That’s why many of them are thriving in the city. That in itself offers management aspirants exciting opportunities.

What do B Schools in Bangalore offer you?

  • To begin with, MBA Colleges In Bangalore and surrounding areas are known for their state of the art infrastructure. It is seen in the classroom, hostel facilities, Wi-Fi enabled campuses and more. Thus studying in these institutes brings you best resources, support and comfort as well.
  • It’s important to note that the city also attracts leading academics and professionals from all over the country. When you study at a Top B Schools in the area you will be guided and mentored by these seasoned faculty members, many of whom have industry experience too.
  • In fact, industry exposure is something you will have in abundance when studying at the B Schools in the area. Renowned institutes often invite industry professionals on campus to share their experiences with students. They also organize workshops, seminars and conferences that offer you a peek into the corporate world.
  • Top B Schools in the area also have their strong network with the industry. It is reflected right from the curriculum that is created with industry inputs to summer internship placements with top organizations. You can also benefit from these networks during the all important campus placements.
  • One important advantage of studying at a Top MBA College In Bangalore is the classroom dynamics. On campus you will come across students from diverse cultural and academic, professional backgrounds. Thus you study in a stimulating environment in a city that offers fantastic quality of life to students.

How to identify best B Schools in Bangalore?

  • B School rankings from reputed organizations are considered to be a benchmark and should be considered. But that alone cannot be the deciding factor. You are advised to look at the reputation of the institute and its years in the field. B Schools that have been around for a long time offer the best holistic learning experience to their students.
  • Another obvious point of reference for B Schools is their placement record. But don’t just look at the previous year’s placement record but its consistency over the last few years. Pay attention to the companies that come to campus for recruitment and the kind of job profiles they are offering to graduates from the institute.
  • While you can get this information online and through college brochures, it’s also a good idea to speak to the alumni and present students at the institute. It will give you a fair idea of what the B School has to offer its students. You can also go through the alumni list to see how its graduates have fared in the professional sphere.
  • MBA Colleges In Bangalore offer different programs with various specializations. If you have a field of interest then you should make a list of colleges that are offering the specific program. Once you have done that, go through the curriculum of the program to know if it is in keeping with industry trends.
  • Faculty team of a B School should be seen as its backbone. Hence when you are doing your research about management institutes in Bangalore and surrounding areas, go through the list of permanent and visiting faculty members. Their industry experience will be handy for your learning process.
  • If you head a short distance from the city, you will find reputed management institutes that have lush campuses set amidst scenic locales. Studying in such beautiful environments is not only relaxing but inspiring as well. Make sure you look at the amenities and facilities on campus before making your decision.
  • Top MBA Colleges in Bangalore will also talk about the industry exposure they offer you. But don’t go by their claims and find out how exactly the institute offers you practical experience. Their websites should have a list of events and visits they have organized for their present and past students.
  • Not all management students want to make a career in the corporate world. If you are interested in managing your family business, want to hone entrepreneurial skills or have research bent of mind, then you can identify B Schools that offer you training in these particular areas. It should be a comprehensive learning experience for you on the whole.

About KIAMS, Harihar

Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies offers its renowned PGDM program from its picturesque campus in Hairhar & Pune. The institute strives to live up to the reputation of one of the oldest industrial houses in the country, which is attached to it. Since its inception it has steadily gained in rankings and reputation amongst students from all over India. The support of Kirloskar group enriches the institute and the experience for its students.

KIAMS mission is to inspire future management professionals, businessmen and leaders who can shape the future of the industry in times to come. Its strong alumni list that includes the who’s who of the business world stands testimony to that. Every year with a solid placement record it adds names to its glorious list of ambassadors all over the world. Clearly, it is a favorite with corporate companies and management aspirants alike.