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Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

Curriculum Structure


Our process aim beyond delivering a good education. The invitation to these students is to master theory, but eschew being theoretical. The individual is encouraged to explore, with a sense of responsibility, the potential that she/he wishes to convert to their professional performance. Our association with the industrial house of Kirloskar’s facilitates offers an easy two-way educational experience between concept and application. What emerges at the end of two-year process is an eclectic bouquet with each flower having its own valuable fragrance.

  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Industry Integration
  • Projects & Case Studies
  • Summer Internship
  • Role Plays & Group Discussion
  • Live Projects
  • Capstone Exercise
Code Course Title Credits Code Course Title Credits
1GC01 Managerial Economics 3 2GC010 Macro Economics and Business Environment 3
1GC02 Financial Accounting 3 2GC011 Corporate Finance 3
1GC03 Marketing Management - 1 3 2GC012 Marketing Management - 2 3
1GC04 Organizational Behavior 3 2GC013 Legal Aspects of Business 3
1GC05 Human Resource Management - 1 3 2GC014 Business Research Methods 3
1GC06 Excel and SPSS 3 2GC015 Human Resource Management - 2 3
1GC07 Quantitative Techniques 3 2GC016 Operations Management - 2 3
1GC08 Operations Management - 1 3 2GC017 Strategic Management - 1 3
IGC19 Data Analytics - 1 3 IGC020 Data Analytics - 2 3
1GC09 Personality Development Program -1 3 2GC018 Personality Development Program - 2 3
Code Course Title Credits Code Course Title Credits
Core Courses Core Courses
3GC019 Business Analytics – 1 3 4GC022 Structured Industry Analysis 3
3GC020 Strategic Management - 2 3 4GC023 Personality Development Program-4 3
3GC021 Personality Enhancement Program-3 3
Electives Electives
Marketing Electives Marketing Electives
3MMC01 Consumer Behavior 3 4MMC07 Sales management and selling 3
3MME02 Integrated Marketing Communications 3 4MMC08 Marketing Research & Analytics 3
3MME03 B2B Marketing 3 4MME09 Online & Digital Marketing 3
3MME04 Marketing Channel Management 3 4MME10 Strategic Marketing Management 3
3MME05 Brand Management 3 4MME11 Services Marketing 3
3MME06 Retail Management & E-commerce 3 4MME12 International Marketing 3
Human Resource Electives Human Resource Electives
3HRME01 Organizational Development and Change Management 3 4HRMC06 HR Tools & Analytics 3
3HRME02 Strategic Human Resource Management 3 4HRME07 Cross Culture Management 3
3HRME03 Compensation Management 3 4HRME08 High Performance HR Practices 3
3HRME04 Training and Development 3 4HRME09 Leadership and Team Building 3
3HRME05 Competency Based Strategic Staffing * 3 4HRME10 Employee Relations and Labor Laws 3
Finance Electives Finance Electives
3FMC01 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management 3 4FMC10 International Finance 3
3FMC02 Financial Derivatives 3 4FME11 Direct Taxation 3
3FMC03 Corporate Valuation 3 4FME12 Money & Bond Market 3
3FME04 Indirect Taxation 3 4FME13 Equity Research 3
3FME05 Strategic Cost Management 3 4FME14 Financial Econometrics 3
3FME06 Working Capital Management 3 4FME15 Behavioral Finance & Financial Planning 3
3FME07 Financial Modeling 3 4FME16 Insurance & Risk management 3
3FME08 Investment Banking Financial Services 3 4FME17 Mergers, Acquisitions & Corporate Restructuring 3
3FME09 Commercial Banking 3
Operations Electives Operations Electives
3OME01 Supply Chain Management 3 4OME05 Operations Strategy 3
3OME02 Project Management 3 4OME06 Total Quality Management 3
3OME03 Service Operations Management 3 4OME07 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Operations 3
3OME04 Operations Research 3 4OME08 Six Sigma For Managers 3
Semester-III : Business Analytics Electives Semester-IV : Business Analytics Electives
3BAE01 Data Science Applications in Business 3 4BAE10 Business Analytics Design Insights and Data Visualization 3
3BAE02 Data Cleaning Normalization and Data Mining 3 4BAE11 Supply Chain Analytics 3
3BAE03 Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence 3 4BAE12 Operations Analytics 3
3BAE04 Descriptive Analytics and Data Visualization 3 4BAE13 Consumer Analytics 3
3BAE05 Data-Driven Storytelling 3 4BAE14 Social Media Analytics 3
3BAE06 Predictive Analytics 3 4BAE15 Data Privacy and Data Security Laws 3
3BAE07 Big Data Analytics in Business 3 4BAE16 Artificial Intelligence in Business Applications 3
3BAE08 HR Analytics 3 4BAE17 Machine Learning and Cognitive Intelligence 3
3BAE09 Marketing and Sales Analytics 3 4BAE18 Internet of Things (IOT) Analytics 3
Semester-III : Entrepreneurship for Family Business Semester-IV : Entrepreneurship for Family Business
3EBC01 Entrepreneurship Development: Theory and Practice 3 4EBC01 Capstone Exercise on Family Business 3
3EBC02 New Enterprise Funding: Angels and Venture Capital 3 4EBC02 Developing a Business Plan 3
3EBC03 Marketing for Start-ups 3 4EBC03 Managing Family Business 3
3EBE01 Start-ups: Managing Challenges 3 4EBE01 Managing Ownership and Leadership Transitions 3
3EBE02 Conflict Management and Communication in Family Business 3 4EBE02 Developing Social Enterprises 3
3EBE03 Exploring Business Opportunities 3 4EBE04 Entrepreneurship: Global Perspective 3
4EBE03 Technology Driven Entrepreneurship 3 - - -
1. These are tentative Core courses and Electives for new batches.
2. Management reserves the right to modify, add or remove the above offering.
As per the directives of AICTE, we have schedule online test and please ensure all B19 & B20 students to appear for two - Aptitude and Communication tests of the online Skill tests - Click here