Kirloskar Enriching Lives

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

Curriculum Structure


Our process aim beyond delivering a good education. The invitation to these students is to master theory, but eschew being theoretical. The individual is encouraged to explore, with a sense of responsibility, the potential that she/he wishes to convert to their professional performance. Our association with the industrial house of Kirloskar’s facilitates offers an easy two-way educational experience between concept and application. What emerges at the end of two-year process is an eclectic bouquet with each flower having its own valuable fragrance.

  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Industry Integration
  • Projects & Case Studies
  • Summer Internship
  • Role Plays & Group Discussion
  • Live Projects
  • Capstone Exercise
Code Course Title Credits Code Course Title Credits
1GC01 Managerial Economics 3 2GC010 Macro Economics and Business Environment 3
1GC02 Financial Accounting 3 2GC011 Corporate Finance 3
1GC03 Marketing Management - 1 3 2GC012 Marketing Management - 2 3
1GC04 Organizational Behavior 3 2GC013 Legal Aspects of Business 3
1GC05 Human Resource Management - 1 3 2GC014 Business Research Methods 3
1GC06 Excel and SPSS 3 2GC015 Human Resource Management - 2 3
1GC07 Quantitative Techniques 3 2GC016 Operations Management - 2 3
1GC08 Operations Management - 1 3 2GC017 Strategic Management - 1 3
1GC09 Personality Development Program -1 3 2GC018 Personality Development Program - 2 3
Code Course Title Credits Code Course Title Credits
Core Courses Core Courses
3GC019 Business Analytics – 1 3 4GC022 Structured Industry Analysis 3
3GC020 Strategic Management - 2 3 4GC023 Personality Development Program-4 3
3GC021 Personality Enhancement Program-3 3
Electives Electives
Marketing Electives Marketing Electives
3MMC01 Consumer Behavior 3 4MMC07 Sales management and selling 3
3MME02 Integrated Marketing Communications 3 4MMC08 Marketing Research & Analytics 3
3MME03 B2B Marketing 3 4MME09 Online & Digital Marketing 3
3MME04 Marketing Channel Management 3 4MME10 Strategic Marketing Management 3
3MME05 Brand Management 3 4MME11 Services Marketing 3
3MME06 Retail Management & E-commerce 3 4MME12 International Marketing 3
Human Resource Electives Human Resource Electives
3HRME01 Organizational Development and Change Management 3 4HRMC06 HR Tools & Analytics 3
3HRME02 Strategic Human Resource Management 3 4HRME07 Cross Culture Management 3
3HRME03 Compensation Management 3 4HRME08 High Performance HR Practices 3
3HRME04 Training and Development 3 4HRME09 Leadership and Team Building 3
3HRME05 Competency Based Strategic Staffing * 3 4HRME10 Employee Relations and Labor Laws 3
Finance Electives Finance Electives
3FMC01 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management 3 4FMC10 International Finance 3
3FMC02 Financial Derivatives 3 4FME11 Direct Taxation 3
3FMC03 Corporate Valuation 3 4FME12 Money & Bond Market 3
3FME04 Indirect Taxation 3 4FME13 Equity Research 3
3FME05 Strategic Cost Management 3 4FME14 Financial Econometrics 3
3FME06 Working Capital Management 3 4FME15 Behavioral Finance & Financial Planning 3
3FME07 Financial Modeling 3 4FME16 Insurance & Risk management 3
3FME08 Investment Banking Financial Services 3 4FME17 Mergers, Acquisitions & Corporate Restructuring 3
3FME09 Commercial Banking 3
Operations Electives Operations Electives
3OME01 Supply Chain Management 3 4OME05 Operations Strategy 3
3OME02 Project Management 3 4OME06 Total Quality Management 3
3OME03 Service Operations Management 3 4OME07 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Operations 3
3OME04 Operations Research 3 4OME08 Six Sigma For Managers 3
Strategic Management Elective Strategic Management Elective
3HRME01 Organizational Development and Change Management (cross listed with HR) 3 4MME10 Strategic Marketing (cross listed with Marketing) 3
3HRME02 Strategic Human Resource Management (cross listed with HR) 3 4MME12 International Marketing (cross listed with Marketing) 3
3SME01 International Business 3 4SME04 Entrepreneurship 3
3SME02 Strategies for Emerging Markets 3
3SME03 Strategies of Companies in India 3
As per the directives of AICTE, we have schedule online test and please ensure all B19 & B20 students to appear for two - Aptitude and Communication tests of the online Skill tests - Click here