Kirloskar Enriching Lives

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

Course Details

At the start of the programme, students are placed in learning teams of three or four people. These are designed by the programme director to ensure that each-team has a blend of functional knowledge and intuitive thinking. The learning team, as used at KIAMS, plays a key part in the process of management development, as distinct from the content of the programme. Students will come to realise that having the correct analysis is not necessarily enough; they must be able to convince their peers that this is so and carry others along with them.

The learning team system at KIAMS is created in order to develop these skills in a relatively risk free environment where the pay-off from working together is high but where the failure cost is not as disastrous as it may be in the real business world.

The preparation for classroom sessions is done both individually and in the learning teams and involves a substantial amount of work. The use of learning teams and the subsequent classroom discussions ensures that the extensive experience which all KIAMS participants possess is fully utilised.

The learning teams are also central to the process of personal development. The KIAMS experience is not just about learning rsquo;contentrsquo;. It is also about developing a student as an individual and as a manager, able to understand his/her own abilities and capable of motivating his/her colleagues.

The learning team approach adopted throughout the programme helps to develop teamwork, leadership and interpersonal skills.

KIAMS has a large database of the Indian corporate houses due to its long association with consultancy services and executive development programmes. Students can leverage this database for developing a network of contacts which is useful in career development and for placements.