Post graduate diploma
in management

KIAMS offers varied content-rich programmes which are industry specific and have a multi-disciplinary approach. Our primary objective is to build a better future.

PGDM is a two year full-time Post Graduate Programme in Management, spread over six trimesters. The entire programme is a unique educational experience.

The programme has evolved an exceptional blend of experiential and traditional learning methods. It is designed to impart:

Teach the facts, frameworks and theories of management to the students
Cultivate the skills, capabilities and techniques that build the core of management
Impart values, attitudes and beliefs that go on to build a particular worldview

KIAMS aims to enhance the quality of graduates with the help of managerial skills that aid them in embracing the role of ‘Business Leaders’ in various fields.

Business Immersion
This institute provides the students with an opportunity to learn more about the corporate ecosystem through a three-month long internship programme.

Student Enhancement Plan
StEP or Student Enhancement Plan is a unique practice at the institute designed to strengthen the fundamentals needed of a manager to flourish in the corporate work place. This is executed through the Mentor-Protégé groups formed. The professors (mentors) handhold students (protégé) in improving the latter’s soft skills as well as technical cum managerial skills. Due to the Student Enhancement Plan, several skill sets of a student are enhanced at the end of the two-year PGDM programme. These include communication skills, attitude development as well as critical analysis ability, current affairs knowledge, quantitative & qualitative aptitude and domain knowledge. A ‘Communication and Awareness Forum’ exists which supports students to become aware of developments happening in the environment.

PGDM Trimester Programme Structure

An overview of the PGDM programme structure, including course information for the two years.


Code Course Title Credits
1GC01 Managerial Economics 3
1GC02 Marketing Management – 1 3
1GC03 Organizational Behaviour 3
1GC04 Excel and SPSS 2
1GC05 Quantitative Techniques – 1 3
1GC06 Operations Management -1 3
1GC07 Data Analysis – 1 3
1GC08 Business Communication 2
1GC09 Financial Analysis and Reporting 3
Total 25


Code Course Title Credits
2GC10 Macro Economics and Business Environment 3
2GC11 Data Analysis – 2 3
2GC12 Corporate Finance 3
2GC13 Marketing Management – 2 3
2GC14 Legal Aspects of Business 3
2GC15 Human Resource Management 3
2GC16 Quantitative Techniques – 2 3
2GC17 Personality Development Program – 1 2
2GC18 Operation Management – 2 2
Total 25


Code Course Title Credits
3GC19 Cost and Management Accounting 2
3GC20 Advanced Excel and SPSS 2
3GC21 Business Research Methods 3
3GC22 Information System Management 2
3GC23 Strategic Management – 1 3
Sub Total 13
Electives (for each specialization) 6
Total 19


Code Course Title Credits
3FMC01 Investment Analysis and Performance Management 3
3FME02 Applied Financial Analysis 3
Code Course Title Credits
3HRC01 Strategic Staffing & Talent Acquisition 3
3HRC02 Compensation Management 3


Code Course Title Credits
3MMC01 Marketing Research 3
3MMC02 Consumer Behaviour 3


Code Course Title Credits
3OMC01 Operations Research 2
3OME02 Project Management 2
3OME03 Service Operations Management 2


Code Course Title Credits
3BAC01 Data warehousing, Data mining and Business Intelligence 3
3BAC02 Descriptive Analytics and Data Visualization (using Tableau) 3


Code Course Title Credits
4GC24 Strategic Management – 2 3
4GC25 Personality Development Program – 2 2
Sub Total 5
Electives (for each specialization) 15
Total 20


Code Course Title Credits
4FMC03 Financial Derivatives 3
4FMC04 Corporate Valuation 3
4FME05 Indirect Taxation 3
4FME06 Equity Research 3
4FME07 Banking and Financial Services 3


Code Course Title Credits
4HRC03 Organizational Development and Change Management 3
4HRC04 Effective Talent Mangement & Competency Mapping 3
4HRE05 Training & Development 3
4HRE06 Strategic Human Resource Management 3
4HRE07 Human Resource Development 3


Code Course Title Credits
4MMC03 Sales Management 3
4MME04 Digital Marketing 3
4MME05 B2B Marketing 3
4MME06 Integrated Marketing Communications 3
4MME07 Brand Management 3


Code Course Title Credits
4OMC04 Supply Chain Management 3
4OMC05 Operations Strategy 3
4OME06 Logistics and Warehousing Management 3
4OME07 Lean Management 3
4OME08 Systems Thinking and Theory of Constraints 3


Code Course Title Credits
4BAC03 Data Science Applications in Business 2
4BAC04 Design Thinking & Data-driven Storytelling 2
4BAC05 Big Data Analytics in Business 3
4BAC06 Business Analytics Project Management 2
Any Two (from the following)
4BAE07 HR Analytics 3
4BAE08 Operations Analytics 3
4BAE09 Financial Analytics 3
4BAE10 Marketing and Sales Analytics 3


Code Course Title Credits
5GC26 Structured Industry Analysis 3
Electives (for each specialization) 15
Total 18


Code Course Title Credits
5FMC08 International Finance 3
5FME09 Financial Modeling 3
5FME10 Money and Bond Market 3
5FME11 Direct Taxation 3
5FME12 Behavioural Finance and Financial Planning 3


Code Course Title Credits
5HRC08 High Performance – HR Practices 3
5HRE09 HR Tools & Analytics 3
5HRE10 Cross Cultural Management 3
5HRE11 Leadership & Team Building 3
5HRE12 Employee Relations & Labour Laws 3


Code Course Title Credits
5MMC08 Services Marketing 3
5MME09 Strategic Marketing Management 3
5MME10 Retail Management & E-Commerce 3
5MME11 Strategic Product Management 3
5MME12 Marketing Channel Management 3


Code Course Title Credits
5OMC09 ERP for Operations 3
5OME10 Six Sigma for Managers 3
5OME11 Purchasing and Outsourcing Management 3
5OME12 Inventory Management 3
5OME13 Strategic Quality Management 3


Code Course Title Credits
5BAC11 Data Security and Data Privacy Laws 2
5BAC12 Machine Learning and Cognitive Intelligence (using Python) 3
5BAC13 Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics 2
5BAC14 Artificial Intelligence in Business Applications 2
5BAC15 Business Analytics Capstone Project 4
Any One (from the following)
5BAE16 Manufacturing Analytics 2
5BAE17 IoT Analytics 2
5BAE18 LSCM Analytics 2


Code Course Title Credits
Electives (for each specialization) 6
Total 6


Code Course Title Credits
6FME13 Insurance and Risk Management 3
6FME14 Mergers, Acquisitions, and Corporate Restructuring 3


Code Course Title Credits
6HRE13 International Human Resource Management 3
6HRE14 Conflict Management 3
Code Course Title Credits
6MMC13 Marketing Capstone 3
6MME14 International Marketing 3
Code Course Title Credits
6OMC14 Pricing and Revenue Management 3
6OMC15 Capstone Project 4


Code Course Title Credits
Any Three (from the following)
6BAE19 E-Tailing Analytics 2
6BAE20 Gaming Analytics 2
6BAE21 Healthcare Analytics 2
6BAE22 Security Analytics 2
6BAE23 Social Media Analytics 2
6BAE24 Risk Analytics 2
6BAE25 Banking Analytics 2
6BAE26 Tourism Analytics 2


Dr. V. S. Pai
Director - KIAMS, Harihar and Sr. Professor - Strategic Management
Dr. Amit K. Sinha
Director, KIAMS - Pune
Prof. Pankaj Roy Gupta
Programme Director - Business Analytics and Corporate Relations
Prof. Mahesh R Revankar
Head - Administration, Harihar and Professor - General Management
Prof. Dinkar Nimbalkar
Head - Administration, Pune and Professor - Human Resources
Prof. Pradip Kopardekar
Head - Finance and Professor - General Management
Dr. Suresh Garimella
Professor - Marketing
Dr. V.B. Padmanabhan
Professor - Finance
Dr. Bidyanand Jha
Associate Dean - Academics, Pune and Associate Professor - Marketing
Dr. Anita Kshetri
Associate Professor - Marketing
Prof. Ashok Kumar
Associate Professor - Operations and Human Resources
Dr. Roudra Chakraborty
Associate Professor - Business Analytics
Dr. Chetan G. K.
Associate Professor - Finance
Dr. (CA) Aseema Dake Kulkarni
Associate Professor - Finance
Dr. S. Srinivasa
Associate Professor - Business Analytics
Prof. Vinay Bhushan
Assistant Professor – IT & Systems
Prof. Ashok Patil
Assistant Professor - Finance
Prof. Gita Madhuri
Assistant Professor - Finance
Prof. Nitin Appajirao Salunkhe
Assistant Professor - Human Resources
Prof. Abilash Ramani
Assistant Professor - Operations
Prof. Roshan Raju
Assistant Professor - Operations
Prof. Chandrashekhar Ingle
Assistant Professor - IT and Systems and Examination Controller (Pune Campus)
Dr. Nagaraj B.V.
Associate Professor – Quantitative Techniques
Prof. Hemchand Jaichandran Mallya
Assistant Professor - Finance
Prof. Sheela Krishna
Assistant Professor - Human Resources
Dr. Thomason Rajan
Assistant Professor - Marketing
Dr. Danappa Pattar
Abhinaya Chandrasekha
Marketing (Branding, Advertising and Media)
Amey Sane
Anand Godse
Industrial Psychology
Anil Mendhi
Archita Panda
Arjit Bansal
Ashok Kumar
Atul Kulkarni
Chandramouli Ramaswamy
Chandrashekhar B. Thakur
"Business Excellence Frameworks, Process Management, ERP"
Col. Sunil Brijkrishan
HR & Soft Skills
Denis Thomas
Girish Phatak
Madhuri Kulkarni
Corporate Laws and Business Laws
Manmohan Deshpande
Insurance Management
Milind Phadke
Finance, Taxation & Managerial Accounting
Nishikant Mukund Ingle
Quality Management/Statistical Quality Control/General Management/HRM
Pradeep Kumar Shinde
Micro, Macro, Industrial & Monetary Economics
Pranab S Deb
Marketing & Strategy
Praveen Saptarishi
Environment Management
Priya Anand
Business Management/Theory of Knowledge
R. Kasthuri Rangan
Rahul Jain
Rajendra S. Todalbagi
Rajkumar Pillay
Business Statistics, Research Methodology, Banking and Rural Development, SPSS, SAS
Ramchandra Mahind
Operations, Supply Chain
Ravindran Menon
Sagar Sanjay Vidwans
Industrial & Orgnl psychology Social psychology Clinical psychology
Sambit Pani
Sandeep Sahasrabudhe
Sangeeta Thakur
Sheetal Mahakali
Sujay JoshI
Sumit Roy
Surekha P. Siddapur
Suresh Vytla
Sales (Application, ERP and Service )
Udayan Paranjape
Vineet Nerurkar
Yogesh Kulkarni


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  • As per the directives of AICTE, we have already conducted an online test which included an aptitude and a communication test.