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What makes KIAMS Marketing Club one of the most happening ‘After-dinner Party’ in the world

Posted on: March 5, 2013

What makes HAMAAM, different from LUX?
How did MOOV capture the market that was so totally dominated by IODEX?

In all fairness, these are not really the questions that you might like to ponder upon after a hearty dinner…. unless, ofcourse, you belong to the KIAMS Marketing Club.

“Yes its true that most of our meetings are post dinner,” agrees Prachi Agrawal, recently nominated as a Marketing Club Lead at KIAMS. “You see there is no permanent membership to the Marketing Club of KIAMS. The Leads of the Marketing Club decides on a discussion point, and then schedule the meeting as per convenient timings; which is usually after dinner. The interested students automatically carve out time for the meeting if they find the topic helpful and interesting. The Marketing Club at KIAMS is totally student driven, and its uniqueness lies in its informal yet fruitful meetings. We do not mandate the participation because we want knowledge-seekers in the Marketing Club meetings.”

No wonder therefore, the Marketing Club is described as the ‘hotbed of ideas’ in KIAMS. In the current academic session, there has been a steady flow of marketing quizzes, discussions on topics from the classrooms, and illustration via examples. In between all these, there have been regular reading sessions where students read articles/passages from a book or magazine. The regulars are almost addicted to this post dinner meeting.

“You should attend one of the meetings of Marketing Club at KIAMS to be able to understand the kind of cerebral interaction it witnesses,” points out Sakshi Gupta, the coordinator of the club.“You will more likely than not be caught in a passionate discussion on a marketing topic or case study – exploring methods of creating awareness, promoting a product,innovating the existing product, and creating a Brand.One of the extremely popular sessions was about helping fellow batch mates understand their individual USP’s.”

Since this Club at KIAMS recognises marketing as the very essence of business today, it attracts passionate marketers within the folds of KIAMS. Understandably, the post of a Lead at the Marketing Club is quite sought after.The selection process of a Lead is a three stage formal process.The interested candidates have to submit a write-up on how they will drive the club, and why will they make a better Lead then others. This is followed by a GD among the aspirants, on a topic that tests knowledge about marketing, awareness, spontaneity, communication skills, and leadership. The candidates are shortlisted on the basis of these 2 rounds for an interview.  The senior Leads from the 2nd Year interview the candidates formally, and also seek advice from their own colleagues as well as juniors before selecting the two Leads.

“It is a matter of pride being a Marketing Lead responsible for driving the club,” says Maheshwar Julka, the other Lead from Batch 15 of KIAMS apart from Prachi. “It’s a challenge understanding the areas of interest of students of marketing, bringing in best knowledge of marketing concepts, generate creativity in the Marketing Club members, and encourage them to come up with new ideas of marketing. Marketing Leads have the responsibility of taking the club to new heights, where its contributions will ultimately bring a revolutionary change within the participants, and produce valuable output that can be of great use in the corporate world.”

The Marketing Club of KIAMS is also responsible for central events like having Guest Speakers from the industry to deliver valuable insights on various aspects of Marketing – media, advertising, sales, research etc.

“Marketing is strongly etched in the DNA of a KIAMS student,” elaborates Priya Agrawal. “With mentors and faculty like Prof. Bidyanand Jha, and Prof. Akash Mathapati, marketing classes are a favourite of most of the students. Even ‘punishments’ are very interesting; one of us was asked to study ‘bathroom advertising’and give a PowerPoint presentation on it, in our 1st Term. The AdMad competition in the second term by Prof. Bidyanand Jha was an eye-opener. We were divided into groups and we had to literally rebuild a close competitor of a FMCG megabrand (Amul), design an ad, interpret it, and devise new avenues to reach out to target markets.”

Over the next few days the Marketing Club’s schedule is choker-block with discussions on topics like ‘Types of Advertising’, ‘Growing retail business’, and ‘Different fields of Marketing’; as well as Mock Press Conference, and Quizzes. Clearly, there are a lot many things ‘cooking’ in the Marketing Club of KIAMS… so what if it’s after dinnertime! 

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