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We love you K K K…KIAMS:Outgoing batch 2010-2012

Posted on: May 16, 2012

Summary: Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) is draped in emotions as it is time for the outgoing batch of 2010-2012 to bid final adieu to campus life. Parting from teachers and friends is tough for everyone, but they are looking forward to do well in their chosen fields, and bring good name to their temple of learning—KIAMS.

The heading of the article maysound a little filmy, but this aptly sums up the emotions of outgoing PGDM 2010-2012 batch of Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS).  A bright future is beckoning them, but ah! This brings to an end the most happening two years of their campus life.

YaadAayenge Ye Din Ye Pal

Vo Campus Mai Dhammal

VoMastikaAdda… Vo Fun kaFunda

MG Road Ki Masti….FC Road ka Fun

Exam Me Der TakPadhna…

Events Ki Tayari Me SubhaiTakJagna

YaadAayenge KIAMS Ke Sab Pal.

PreetiAggarwal, 2010-2012 PGDM Batch.

Everyone here has a departing story to share. KIAMS has made them a different person and they are ready to go out and rule the world. “KIAMS has taught me that when going gets tough, the tough get going,” says Preeti who is sure that her excellent training will help her surmount obstacles of her life.

Nitin Baranwal will always miss the friendly and family like atmosphere of KIAMS that has helped him overcome his fears. “The whole atmosphere at KIAMS is conducive to growth. The faculty is very good, extra-curricular activities, and programmes really help in overall growth of the students. They are encouraged to help each other, making the whole institute resemble to a big family. If you are not performing well in your field activity, your friends will always chip in with suggestions, solutions and every possible help. Fears vanish here and success becomes a way of life,” says NItin, summarizing his two years experience.

Many of the students have secured placement through campus interviews. But, even those who are yet to be placed are brimming with confidence and sure of getting a good openings. Some want to start their own business while some have plans to join the family businesses.

KIAMS is known for the strong and cordial relations with the alumni, who in turn remain in touch with the institute and their experience and support help build strong alumni network. “Many of our seniors remained in touch with us, though they were very busy in their jobs. Through them we got to know the real market situation and also the ever changing requirements of the mercurial market.’’ says Pragadeeshwari.

Departing for all of us is tough, and this becomes heart- wrenching when you have so many fond memories. In keeping with the tradition of KIAMS, all the students of the outgoing batch vow to remains in touch with their alma-mater.

For most of the students, last two years resemble to hit Bollywood films, encompassing all the emotions, fun, and triumphs of hard work in the end. But Ah!! There is no sequel here.

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