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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Vivek Goyal, KIAMS Batch 14 – “Working in the real world has brought a new awareness and understanding”

Posted on: November 24, 2012

Vivek Goyal belongs to the 14th batch of the Management course at KIAMS. He completed the mandatory internship part of his course at VR Software, Vadodara. A six week internship, his SIP was a project on investment. “The project I got there was the development of a cost model. I had to work on a pricing model for the software they were developing.” Vivek claims that he learnt a lot during his SIP and that was due in large part to the fact that his project was in his area of interest and specialisation. As he puts it, “I could clearly map my college learning to what I was doing at the job and that helped!”

Vivek belongs to the town of Mount Abu, a mere seven to eight hours journey from Vadodara. Moreover, he is familiar with Vadodara, so when he was offered the SIP there, he did not hesitate to take it up. He also had help from the alumni and his batch-mates, apart from the support he received from the college itself. “Staying in Vadodara wasn’t an issue at all. We got help from our college and the company as well, to manage accommodation and other things.  I was offered this internship through KIAMS. I was called for an interview to Pune and went through a selection process that I cleared.”  He thanks his institution for this opportunity as he explains that the screening process basically tests a student’s aptitude and attitude. “I mean aptitude in terms of the fact that they want to know how you can apply the skills that you have learnt in college, and whether you can relate your college teachings to real life. And if we talk about attitude, they essentially want us to be willing to work.”

Working in the real world has brought a new awareness and understanding for him. He lists his practical learnings as – prioritising work, working with sincerity and giving 100 percent to every task you undertake. Challenges are a part of all new things in life and Vivek says that his SIP was no different. “I was not aware of the company processes and that was a challenge. I also did not know a few essential things like Microsoft Access! But I learnt to cope and eventually managed my project to satisfaction.” His advice to his juniors is that they should prepare well for their internships and “study everything about the company you are going to join. The more prepared you are, the better you will fare.” He also strongly advises interns to drop their casual attitude at work. A more mature and evolved Vivek now aspires for a position in investment and consultation after passing out.

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