Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Vast exposure within a few months at KIAMS has made Pallavi Kukreja gung-ho about her future.

Posted on: December 20, 2016


Pallavi Kukreja had two goals as she considered doing her PGDM program. Firstly, she wanted to give her career the best platform. Secondly, she hoped to have a diverse learning experience that would groom her personality. Within a few months at KIAMS, the PGDM student of Batch 2016 – 18 believes that she is on the right track. The B School has exceeded her expectations from an early stage and is taking her on an enriching personal and professional journey

A decision that made the difference

Pallavi admits that she was looking at several options when it came to B Schools to pursue her management dreams. But she is happy that she chose KIAMS where she is having the time of her life. “To be honest, I chose KIAMS because of its 25 year legacy. I also took into account the fact that a renowned brand name like Kirloskar is attached to the B School. I knew that it would mean I have all the support a management student needs and I have been proven right,” she says.

Home away from home

The initial phase of management students’ life can be tricky as not only do they have to adjust to strict schedules but living on their own as well. It can be an overwhelming experience but according to Pallavi it has been made easier thanks to the support system at KIAMS. “Everyone at the institute, right from my faculty members to seniors has gone out of their way to make me feel comfortable. It has become my second home in a short time,” she says with a smile.

Broadening her horizons

KIAMS, given its reputation, attracts students from diverse backgrounds from all over the country. It means the campus is the perfect hub for cultural exchange, which Pallavi believes is broadening her horizons to a large extent. “At KIAMS we celebrate all festivals and that only brings us together. We know more about different cultures and people, which is an enriching experience in itself,” she adds.

Unique exposure

“Who would have thought that within a few months at the B School I would be interacting with eminent personalities and speakers from different fields?,” says Pallavi proudly. For her these experiences and platforms KIAMS creates are the stepping stone to a successful professional career. “In 2017 KIAMS will be hosting an International conference on Healthcare Management. I am sure these experiences will help me grow professionally and personally too,” she concludes.



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