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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Urvashi Raikar describes why the Convocation Day was one of the best days of her life.

Posted on: October 1, 2016


For Urvashi Raikar, student of PGDM B 17 at KIAMS, the Convocation Day was like the D Day that brought a huge sense of accomplishment. “We had completed our two year journey and graduated from one of the best B Schools in the country. Of course it called for a big celebration and there was a dinner planned with a few of my friends. It was the perfect icing on the cake after the brilliant day we had on campus,” she says merrily. And of course she had another reason to celebrate having been placed with Capital Via, Indore.

Urvashi is thrilled about her placement and believes it’s a dream come true for her. According to her there have been many important moments in her stint at KIAMS and this is one of them. “It’s difficult to describe the experience I have had at the institute. My time here was filled with life changing events. The placement is definitely going to be one of them as my life now is changed for good. I am a completely different person now from what I was two years ago,” she says. And it’s a transformation that she is quite proud of.

But while Urvashi has a lot to look forward to with her professional career and proving herself in her new job, she is nostalgic about her time at KIAMS. She recounts several memories from her time at the institute that bring a smile to her face. “Actually there are memories that bring tears to my eyes and also make me smile. These memories and moments have shaped me to a large extent and made me a better person. The Convocation Day would have to be one of the most special memories because I had finished my graduation with flying colors,” she says proudly.

According to Urvashi, all students who have studied at KIAMS have a bond built on common experiences that ties them together. It’s particularly true for her batch mates, who she intends to be in touch with throughout her life. “We have already shared so much, and will keep doing over the years. We are already connected through social media and plan outings over the weekend or whenever we are free. Some of us are in Delhi, others in Bangalore, but we can visit their places and connect like we never left,” she adds charmingly.

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