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Understanding Operations The Aim of KIAMS “Virtual” Operations Club

Posted on: March 19, 2012

A “virtual club”, the Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) Operations Club’s goal is to gain a good understanding of

Club members said they want to learn “what is really happening in the industry.”

A relatively new Operations club, began in 2011 and consists of 13 members from the seniors, 10 from the juniors, three faculty members and alumni. Because the Operations Club is a “virtual club” operating online, it doesn‘t have any co-ordinators. “We just have initiators – students who started the club,” said club members. Being an online activity, anyone can initiate a discussion and we all participate.” With a forum on Facebook, “We get a lot of responses from the students. For example if we post on a particular topic, students usually give their point of view on that particular topic and will give live corporate examples in which the concept is being used.”

The club has also caught the attention of KIAMS faculty.

“Earlier there was input only from students, but now faculty as well as alumni working in the operations sector also comment on the topics,” said club members. “It’s a two-way interaction. If students have any questions, they can ask their questions on the forum and the faculty/alumni always respond.”

In addition to its online activities the club does organize some events.

“We do have some sub-events happening during Pragati. Even during Operacy we organize some Ops-based quizzes – themes may differ from year to year.” Being in the club, having to manage time for discussions, members have learned if having a face-to-face discussion doesn’t work they can always connect on Facebook and have an online discussion. It’s a continuous process providing daily interaction with classroom knowledge forming the basis of discussion.

As with any organization, there are challenges to be faced. “One challenge that we face is that sometimes new concepts that we post as topics on our FB forum get only bookish answers from students,” said club members. “Earlier, when the faculty and alumni were not a part of this forum, we were not making much progress in terms of real-life examples being given to us. Also, sometimes when we want actual data, or examples of real-time implementations, getting them can get difficult. But with the faculty and alumni coming in, it’s now much better.”

While Prof. R.N. Venkateshwara helped start the club and even held a session on an operations topic to help members to understand the field, students took over the club from there.

“But we do have a lot of support from faculty and alumni on our online page,” club members said. Future plans include converting the  club from a “virtual” organization to a physical one, but in the interim they can be contacted at their Facebook thread:

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