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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

“The Corporate world has many possibilities – you need to be flexible,” says entrepreneur, recruitment manager and KIAMS alum Mr. Bharat Bagaria

Posted on: July 21, 2014

“My professional journey has been a roller coaster ride, but my days at KIAMS prepared me for it,” says Mr. Bharat Bagaria, who made the transition from a student hoping to be recruited in a top firm to being a recruitment manager himself. He owns a venture called Ratan Dialectrics and handles several responsibilities as an entrepreneur. He looks back on his journey from KIAMS to being a successful entrepreneur, and shares his valuable experiences.

“I joined the corporate world with a lot of dreams and expectations,” he says. “I got a campus placement with People Consulting, and I stayed with the company for about six months. I then moved on to ABC and Foundation Systems.” Clearly, his career is remarkable for the amazing ease with which he has weaved his way through different industries.

Talking about his entrepreneurial venture, which was a dream come true, Mr. Bagaria says, “Being in the recruitment world, revenue generation is important. You have to constantly meet deadlines and be able to interact with different kinds of people on a regular basis.” He believes that his stint at KIAMS prepared him for most of these responsibilities, especially when it came to interacting with people from different socio-economic and geographical backgrounds.

Mr. Bagaria believes that running your own business is a tightrope walk. And, expectations are high when you have to deal with 20 stakeholders who are also your direct customers. He shares his advice for managing his life and work, stating, “It’s important to know when and how to say ‘No’. I make it a point to not bring work home because your personal life is as important as your professional one. And there can be no compromises on that front.”

Given that he works in the recruitment industry, Mr. Bagaria is the best person to talk to concerning what he looks for in future professionals. Does he find any quality missing in the graduates of today? He thinks carefully and says, “Today’s generation is more street smart than we were. Students are choosier and think about money and job profile, while for my generation it was only about starting our careers. I think students need to drop these stringent criteria while looking for a job. Be more flexible. There are several options in the corporate world.”

Mr. Bagaria remembers that he benefited a great deal from the learning experience he had at KIAMS and now he is willing to offer his insight into the industry to others. “I have had many ups and downs in my career and I could cope with them because of my learning at KIAMS,” he says. “We were taught life skills, which can see you through any tricky situation. And that’s what I would like to tell the students; Time to work hard is gone, it’s time to work smart.”

Since he values the contribution KIAMS has had in his life and career, it’s only natural that he maintains a bond with the institute today. Mr. Bagaria says that he is in touch with his classmates and also visited the campus in Harihar last year. He likes reliving the memories of his student days, and he shares one of them. “It was our seniors’ farewell and they were given a sugarcane and green chilly to eat. It was a lot of fun,” he laughs. The memory in itself describes well how students like him were prepared for bittersweet experiences to come.

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