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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Teamwork and Months of Effort Make KIAMS Pragati 2012 a Success

Posted on: February 27, 2012

Pragati, Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies annual rural marketing fair, once again packed in crowds during its three-day run February 12-14. Total attendance this year was around 20,000.

One of the biggest events of its kind, Pragati offers rural marketers from large, medium and small industries an opportunity to do market research while giving consumers an opportunity to see new developments that couldimprove the quality of their lives.

Business displays, food booths, cultural events, entertainment and sports are all combined to make KIAMS’ Pragati a yearly highlight to look forward to for residents and businesses. The fair drew in its target market, as could be seen in the sales results reported by participating businesses.

Two Tata Nano vehicles were booked; Videocon reported more than two lakh worth sales; Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics got three candidates this year (as they did last year); CEAT Tyres launched newly- developed product during the event and Toshiba Computers gave very good feedback about the sales as well as service delivered by KIAMS students. Pragati requires teamwork and months of preparation on the part of KIAMS students.

Six teams are equally responsible for organizing the event.

The Prospecting Team has the job of selling Pragati stalls to local businesses or companies, planning and co-ordinating their sale and allocation, following up, maintaining a database and getting new leads.

The Promotions Team uses visual communications and design to create posters, placards, TV and radio ads, fliers, and any other promotional activity.

The Operations Team designs the layout of the fair, works on getting needed permissions from the various government departments like police and fire, organizes electricity, water and maintenance and infrastructure such astents and furniture.

The Cultural Team is in charge of entertainment throughout the three-day event. Performances are from local schools and artists. Getting sponsorships for entertainment also falls within the Cultural Team’s mandate.

The Finance Team’s job is to reimburse expenses and release funds for expenses and the Calling Team calls people and companies physically too far for the Prospects Team to visit and sends out brochures and emails with relevant details of Pragati.All in all the fair provides students with a host of hands-on practical experience in the world of business.

Pragati is not just any other activity or assignment that we take up in the course,” said student Aadil Ahmed. “It puts you out there in the field and makes you work to achieve success: how one would approach a prospect, following up on leads, converting leads, etc. These things cannot be taught in a classroom and have to be done to be learned. You implement what you have learned in the class, make mistakes and improve yourself.”

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