Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Tarun Pandey tells us how KIAMS helped him make giant strides as a budding management professional

Posted on: December 20, 2016


“Two years can be a long time and fly by rather quickly as well. I say that because every day at KIAMS has been eventful and has been a journey that has brought me a long way ahead from where I was. But I have also had so much fun and made great memories, so it feels like this time has passed rather quickly as well,” says Tarun Pandey, PGDM student Batch 2015 – 17. He takes us through his journey of transformation and fun filled moments that have made a lasting impression on him.

Nervous first steps

Almost two years ago, Tarun joined KIAMS as a management aspirant. He had heard a lot about the institute and was looking forward to being molded as a professional. “In fact, I would call the journey as one of a management aspirant to a future leader. The leadership qualities that the institute imbibes in you last you throughout your corporate career. I can’t even recognize the nervous student, who walked on the campus for the first time. The transformation is complete,” he says brimming with confidence.

Important takeaways

Tarun agrees that the institute has given him a solid foundation in management concepts. He was given all the support needed to understand different theories and then put them into practice. However it was a holistic learning experience and his important takeaways go well beyond the classroom

“First thing I learned is that hard work always pays. We put in the hours to complete assignments no matter how tired we felt. And it was rewarding. We also learned the importance of punctuality and delivering the output in a smart package. That’s what we will need to do as management professionals,” he adds thoughtfully.

KIAMS gives the edge

According to Tarun, KIAMS strives to offer its students the competitive edge. That’s the reason they are prepared for the placement process from Day 1. But ask him what is so different about learning at KIAMS and he says, “Here we are encouraged to learn from our mistakes. That is quite unique and makes us more confident individuals.”

Tarun also talks about the extracurricular activities that help students like him display their talents and shed their inhibitions. “We are constantly participating in shows, organizing events and interacting with brilliant minds from different fields. It creates a stimulating atmosphere on campus, making it a thriving hub for knowledge sharing,” he ends enthusiastically.



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