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Suresh Vasvani, KIAMS – “ Through Its Compulsory Internship Programme, KIAMS Makes You Realise The Importance Of Understanding The Cultural Set-Up Of An Organisation “

Posted on: May 18, 2012

Suresh Vasvani had heard about this unwritten rule before joining KIAMS, that in B-schools the onus of landing a summer internship lies pretty much with the individual concerned. Since he comes from Jaipur, Suresh had already begun scouting for an internship there, a couple of months before the stipulated period.

“To my utter surprise, I was called by the placement cell of KIAMS to appear for a few on-campus interviews, conducted by prominent corporate houses. On attending these I realised that summer internship is taken very seriously in KIAMS. I could hardly believe my ears when I was informed a few days later, by the KIAMS placement cell, that I was one of the three selected to intern as financial analysts with Talent Corner, at its Ghatkopar office in Mumbai. ”

Suresh currently forms a pool of 40 interns at Talent Corner. He works most of the days out of home – a rented accommodation in Andheri East, shared with a colleague from KIAMS – and is required to report to the headquarters only twice a week.

“This arrangement is a blessing, as it would otherwise be maddening to travel all the way to Ghatkopar, daily.”

Suresh has been allotted the task of monitoring the investment portfolios of 6 companies, which include the likes of Birla Sunlife and JP Morgan-Stanley.

“I have to pull out data about the kind of investments these companies are into, and the kind of returns they are giving, and accordingly advise our clients on what’s best for them. The idea is to be able to gauge the different types of salary reach. In short the best investment opportunity for people from different walks of life.”

Suresh is happy that he has now acquired a fairly good grasp of the Mutual Fund industry. He now realises why KIAMS stresses so much on internship.

“Through its compulsory internship programme, KIAMS makes you realise the importance of understanding the cultural set-up of an organization.”

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