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Supratim Kundu, KIAMS 2010 – 2012 – “Master Your Mind – Master Your Life”

Posted on: May 1, 2012

SupratimYou can be the master of your destiny and guide yourself to a happy life by sharpening your mind says Supratim Kundu in an essay in the March edition of  The Chanakya. Kundu,a PGDM student at Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS), says whatever life you are leading, happy or frustrated, “is nothing but the summation of end results of some actions and thoughts of yours in the past.”

He maintains essentially it is us who are creating our lives continually,guided by our individual knowledge, perceptions and views, and we each have to be in charge, take control of our lives and create the life we want. Outlining his theory on how to do that, Kundu compares the mind and body to a computer – just as computer needs to be rebooted to achieve peak performance, so does the human mind and body.The body is “rebooted” through sleep, he says, but sleep does not “reboot” the mind.

“Sleep is a slow process and there we are not in charge. In sleep we get dreams and feel uneasy if we are in a difficult situation.” Kundu says people should pick a particular time of day and rest, “but be conscious.”

While in most cases people become a slave to their minds, he says in reality “your mind is just like a slave to you.” When resting consciously “try to take control and make the mind work. Make the mind operate at a higher realm to serve you better.”

During this period of conscious rest he says be calm, observe your breathing,think about nothing and yet continue observing – “no feeling, simply observe.”When you do this, says Kundu, “your mind will start functioning without your emotions. It will start following your orders like a gentleman.”

He says with practice, “You can even command your mind to create the life you want and the situation you want to be in.“We judge the entire universe and life through the mind, so if we can sharpen it, it will sharpen our choices and priorities.

“ Practicing the art of becoming the master of yourself you will ultimately understand the difference between happiness and joy.”Kundu contends in the article “The single connecting feature between nothing (space) and us (consciousness) is the mind, thus the more advanced the mind is, the more satisfying your life will be.”

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