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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Sudheer Devalla, KIAMS Batch-14 – “Choose your SIP carefully to map to your specialisation”

Posted on: November 24, 2012

Sudheer Devalla is an IT sector enthusiast. He aspires to find his way into the industry and is absolutely clear about how he is going to reach the goals he has set his sight on. He has chosen to specialise in Marketing and HR and is pursuing his PGDM at KIAMS. He understands that if he had tried to enter the IT sector after studying only engineering, he would have had to begin at ground level. However, studying Management will help him enter at the management level and will also accelerate his growth.

Internships are an integral part of the PGDM degree at KIAMS. Sudheer advises students to choose their areas of internship carefully to map to their specialisations. “I suggest that if students have clear goals in terms of sectors and functions, then it’s better to try and get Summer Internship Projects in those sectors so that they may leverage it going further.” Sudheer did his summer internship for seven weeks during April and May.  He interned with Radha-Madhav Automobiles Pvt. Ltd., a dealer for Toyota in Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh. He spent six weeks in marketing research and then did sales and services in the last week. As he recounts, “I had to go to the customers and take their feedback regarding their sales experience and the service experience of the company. I had a sample of 50 customers and worked gathering data from them.”

Sudheer lists punctuality as the key learning during the internship. “I learnt a lot working in the real world, but the two things that emerged as my main learning were punctuality and handling customers. Some of the customers were not very educated but they were rich, so dealing with them was a new experience for me, even more so because if they had a problem they took out their frustration on me and not on the company!”

Staying away from home is a challenge for most young adults and Sudheer is no different. “My home-town is Tanuku, 200 km from Vijaywada where I interned. The biggest challenge for me was the high temperature and lack of friends through all of the seven weeks! I stayed with some relatives for the duration but the town was absolutely new to me!” Sudheer also had to learn to navigate the town for his interactions with customers, but enjoyed the process extremely. He feels he has emerged a more informed and confident professional as a result of the internship.

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