Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Successful Interns from KIAMS give all the Credit to the School’s Management, Faculty and Curriculum

Posted on: June 23, 2011

The time of internship is the time of “cruel realization” for students when they look around their dorm rooms and realize that the comfort of the college will not last forever. Whether they like it or not, they will be finally forced out of the student’s shell to take plunge. However, when you are a student of a college that offers its assistance to help you gently nudge into the future, the journey from the student to intern and then to the real job world becomes extremely easy. Students of Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) are lucky to belong to such an institute.

Archana Prakash, currently an intern with the HDFC Bank’s Private Banking division in the area of Customer Satisfaction, shares her experience of journey from a student in KIAMS to an intern in HDFC. When asked about the reason for choosing KIAMS as her B-School, she said “The two-year, Post-Graduate Diploma in Management at KIAMS is designed to prepare you for careers in the industry, across various functional areas. The programme equips you with strong conceptual skills to manage businesses in an integrated manner. The emphasis is on developing a holistic manager with a vision to take on the challenges of the future. It also hones your analytical and problem-solving skills to enhance your decision-making capabilities and prepares you to meet the future challenges of the corporate world.”

She is thankful for the varied curriculum at KIAMS that helped her prepare to face the various challenges during internship. “The curriculum at KIAMS is designed in such a way that it engaged me in several activities at the same time and this allowed me to face the pressures and other challenges with ease during my internship at HDFC Bank. The curriculum is spread over six trimesters of which the first three are devoted to foundation courses across the core areas of management. Subjects like Business Communication, Research Methodology, Statistics, Managerial Economics, Marketing Management, Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Business Ethics and Corporate Governance are aimed at providing the conceptual understanding of the functional areas and were a big help when the concepts had to be practically applied during my internship”, she quoted.

Another student at KIAMS, Preeti Agarwal is an intern with BMA Wealth Creators where she’s studying what impact the financial performance of companies listed on the NSE has on their stocks. Explaining about her internship experience she said, “In my internship I am required to analyse the financial performance of all the companies listed on the National Stock Exchange and see how it affects the stock price of the companies. At the same time I try to take technical and fundamental calls on the stocks of the companies so that investors can make profitable investments.”

Giving the credit to KIAMS in helping her prepare for the internship she said, “The trimester system followed in the programme has facilitated the flexibility required to engage in several activities and has enabled me to confidently face the pressures and challenges during my stint at BMA Wealth Creators. Subjects like Business Ethics, Corporate Governance, Research Methodology, Organisational Behaviour, Operations, MIS, Accounting and many more incorporated into the curriculum have exposed me to the inner workings of the corporate world, and have sharpened my thinking skills to innovate with ideas and solutions in the light of various limitations.”

The management and faculty at KIAMS assist students at all levels to prepare them for achieving best in their career. Through internships, placements, real-life projects, and a number of other services KIAMS works with hundreds of students every year to ensure that each student is enriched with all the skills that they needed to establish a successful career after graduating from their B-School.


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