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Preeti Agarwal, Silver Medalist KIAMS 2010-12 – ‘Success doesn’t come overnight.’

Posted on: June 2, 2012

It doesn’t take much to ace your class or at least this is what Preeti Agarwal, a 2010-12 graduate from KIAMS, would have everyone believe. In a freewheeling interview, Preeti, also a silver medalist, shares the mantra.

“I never aimed for topping my class. But yes, I worked hard consistently. I was always attentive in class, and I followed my professors’ instructions to the T.”

Preeti says  she doesn’t believe in last minute studies. She says: “I always ensured that I was well prepared for any kind of test or exam that came my way. Also, I was always attentive in class. For the two years I spent at KIAMS, I was attentive to what happened in the class – whether I liked the subject or not.”

Prod her some more and you realize she has always been a conscientious student. Even for her undergraduate course of B.Com, Preeti worked throughout and ended it with a good 78% score.

This Kolkata girl loves to read and travel in her free time. Though the two years at KIAMS didn’t allow her with enough free time to indulge in either, she says she will always look back at her time here with a smile on her face. Coming all the way from Kolkata, she says she had never imagined she would forge such deep friendships with some of her classmates. She says that at KIAMS even the batch size is small so it allows for the students to get to know each other.

On the campus, though there weren’t too many places to hang out, Preeti says they had some great moments sitting outside their hostel. At times, they even played at the small ground but mostly, they spent time in each other’s rooms. Revealing the secret, Preeti says even the terrace is a good place to hang out.

Preeti did her summer training at a Kolkata-based firm and was involved in equity research and has been fortunate enough to land a placement with CRISIL. Her work will again involve research and she is eagerly awaiting her letter from the company.

After two activity-packed years at KIAMS, Preeti is getting bored sitting at home with nothing to do. Ten years down the line, she sees herself working for the same company, hopefully somewhere at the middle level. Preeti say: “I am not the type who flits from one place to the other. I prefer staying put and working hard. That’s why I would want to stick around in the same company and capitalize on what I pick up there.”

Ask her what drives her to achieve whatever she has; Preeti says she has always wanted to do things on her own. This yearning for independence has always driven her to work harder.

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