Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Stumbling blocks are stepping stones to success — a secret I learnt at KIAMS

Posted on: April 24, 2012

Nothing in this world comes easy. No one is perfect. But we should strive to do our best. Yes, we can do anything, despite all the odds. Two years at KIAMS has taught me all this and completely changed my outlook towards life. Now, I am always able to look at the positive side of any difficult situation, and believe me, this helps me turn the situation in my favour most of the time.

Now, I am placed with Allied Digital as management trainee, and my grooming at KIAMS really comes handy in meeting the high standards set by the company.  I am considered a pro-active person, always offering solutions, rather than cursing the situation. This habit was silently inculcated at KIAMS, which has now become my second nature. When I joined KIAMS, it was going through the teething troubles, and like any other big endeavour, it was not bereft of problems. But KIAMS encouraged us to be part of the solution, took suggestions from us, and ironed out the glitches with our help. To be frank, it was like on job training for us, where we planed and slogged in our quest to be the best. Actually, this is what we do when we join a company or decide to start up something of our own.

Talking about campus life, I miss you Gulmohar guys—we were responsible for the decoration of the entire campus. Before any event, we never looked at our watch. Late night was normal, sleep was a luxury, but the success of the event always kept us going. Believe me, this team work and dedication comes very handy in the real world of business. Yes, all of you in Gulmohar group, don’t you forget that we have given you a rich legacy and you have to raise the bar.

The reason for my joining KIAMS was the reputation of the faculty, and I am happy I took the plunge. The core faculty here is just perfect, and visiting faculty is also one of the best in this field.

My batch was really good and we had a lot of fun. During the first year, we did face some problems in commuting, but soon that issue was resolved.

If you ask me what makes KIAMS stand apart from other Business schools, then I would say there is not just one factor, but the whole education and training package at KIAMS makes it a leader in business education.

Shikha Khanna

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