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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Students of KIAMS reach for the skies with live project ASMA

Posted on: January 4, 2017

How often can B School students boast of a live project experience that has far reaching, real world applications? 12 students from KIAMS can do just that after being a part of a live project ASMA (Adaptation of Social Media in Academia). The project not only dealt with the new age phenomenon of social media but also focused on its significance to the world of academia, which made it a highly relevant topic for those involved.

KIAMS strives to ensure that its students have a holistic learning experience along with practical training throughout its program. That’s why its students were made aware of the project and guided by Prof. Bidyanand Jha so that they can put their best step forward. The students were also carefully chosen through a written test and interview. The 12 chosen ones were then put through the paces for the experience where they felt no less than professionals themselves

Research, Auditing, Revenues, Events, Social Media Management were the teams that the students were divided into. They were given various responsibilities, which offered them real life experiences of working in a professional environment. For Shrishti Sawant the true experience began before the project. “Before the official meeting, we had a meeting with Prof. Jha in the board room of the college. During the meeting we were treated like domain managers, which was amazing,” she says.

Once on the project, members of different teams immersed themselves in their individual responsibilities. While the research team laid the foundation by going through various papers and publications, Lakshit Banerjee, was assigned the role of Social Media Manager. “It was a role in keeping with my interest. I got to design content and develop the ASMA portal, which was an experience of a lifetime,” he says proudly.

Auditing and Revenues teams played their parts in making sure that the live project was a true success. It was then left to the Events team to ensure that the project exceeded its expectations. Pallavi Kukreja, member of the team described her role, as she said, “We set the target, worked on the business proposal and conceptualized the event. We also devised the list of sponsors, prepared sponsorship proposal and contacted sponsors, deans of colleges etc.”

Overall it turned out to be an immersive and hands on learning experience for the students involved in the project. Importantly the significance of the initiative wasn’t lost on them. Shivani Sethi spelt it out when she remarked, “ASMA is a brilliant project and can be a guiding light to educational institutes that want to get the cutting edge advantage. Social media is here to stay and will have a huge impact on different fields, including academia. That’s why being a part of this project was an even bigger experience.”

From time management to the importance of team work, students working on the project had crucial takeways that they will rely on throughout their professional journeys. However ASMA, the project itself had made a big place in their hearts. Shreya Shubham, part of the Social Media team had the last word when she said, “ASMA was a lot more than a live project. Very soon it became an integral part of our lives and it gave us experiences, memories that we will always look back on with fondness.”


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