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Slushy Dahi-Handi, and an Even Slushier Kabaddi The great adrenaline rush at KIAMS on Janmashtmi Saturday, 11th of August 2012

Posted on: August 29, 2012


The mobile phones of all students of Batches 14 and 15 buzzed to announce a message. ‘Janmashtmi Celebration  preponed – CR’. To the world outside, this may be a message of no great consequence. I mean, with Janmashtmi round the corner, such well-meaning, harmless, and possible-source-of-happiness messages are supposed to do the rounds, right? But in KIAMS, this triggered a ripple effect of regression and repression in all the future Managers of Batch 15; with everyone wondering, what’s going to happen. On reaching the rectangular garden of KIAMS, we were greeted with nothingness – until one of us happened to chance a glance to the sky. What we saw left some of us amazed and some of us hallucinated. An 18-feet high ‘Dahi Handi’ hanging out of the skies, was a clear signal of the times to come. ‘Are you nuts?’ was the first consensus from our collective cerebrums. ‘Is it necessary?’ followed a close second. Taking advantage of the stupefying effect of the gargantuan task staring down at B-15 from the skies, B-14, who had been in the same situation the previous year, rallied its forces together and began pondering on the pyramidal structure to bring down the prized ‘Dahi Handi’. Shocked to their senses by this treachery, a few of the B-15’s began ‘deny and deprive’ tactics on the B-14; all to no effect, as the seasoned B-14 had ‘been there, done that.’

Flushed by an unknown source of adrenaline pumps, B-15 began aping their seniors. ‘Try, try and try again till u succeed’ is a good proverb; but at the rectangular garden, that Janmashtmi, we generally agreed that the creator of the proverb would’ve rendered humanity by spelling out the maximum number of ‘try’ that one needed, to finally succeed. Pyramidal structures (and some which were not even pyramidal!) broke-off in different pattern, with participants falling in various interesting, death-defying, and sometimes gravity-defying postures, with every passing attempt. Adding to our woes was a lot of water gushing out of randomly placed pipes in every edge and corner of the rectangular garden. One could not help but marvel at the vision of the developer of the KIAMS facilities; who had designed this institution of learning, simply to fail the attempts of future courses at a ‘Dahi Handi’ exercise… atleast that’s how it seemed to all of us this Janmashtmi. The view of the Rectangular Garden of KIAMS was rapidly changing into an amphitheatre, where all Faculty, girls of B-14 and 15, staff, security guards and sundry employees of KIAMS had gathered to marvel at the slugfest. By this time our efforts had freely mingled with the aforementioned water, turning the lush green, manicured, carpet of grass of that lovely rectangular garden into a slushy swamp. Indifferent to our pains, grunts and sore shoulders, the bystanders were actually cheering us on to fulfil our god-ordained task of crushing out fellowmen in an attempt to shatter the elusive ‘Dahi Handi’.

When, after many failures, the ‘Dahi Handi’ was finally dashed by the exertions of B-14, it was generally expected of us to look sufficiently dejected. But surprisingly, this appeared of little consequence to us. Infact, I might go as far as to say that it actually spurred us on; for lo and behold, in our very next attempt the B-15 chased down the voluptuous ‘magic pot’ and brought it down with a bang. Joy was writ large on every face, as the realisation dawned on us that life really boils down to ‘team effort’… and a mud party in that Rectangular garden of KIAMS… and a few round of kabbadi to follow it up!

What I did understand this Janmashtmi is that it takes a split-second for Homo sapiens to transform into Homo managerians – never mind the dictionary -, and even into Homo leaderians. Four-days after Janmashtmi, when I opened my closet to take out my laptop, with the worm of this article on Janmashtmi, I could not fail to observe the mud in the inner lining of my key chain; a fair reminder that just like some can change into Batman or Superman in a wink, we at KIAMS too can transform into ‘Managers’, before you can say ‘Jack Robinson’. The article on Janmashthami simply flowed out of me after this realisation.

By: Chitransh Shrivastava

Batch 15. KIAMS


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