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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Shveta TM, KIAMS 1999 – 2001 – “KIAMS Gave Me Wings Of Confidence To Soar High In The Corporate World.”

Posted on: May 1, 2012

confidenceTwo years at Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) made Shveta extremely confident in her abilities and she decided to chase her dream of working in media and advertising. Now, after more than a decade in the profession, she is highly placed in her chosen field, and advises youngsters to go out and look for work of their choice.

Shveta is someone who never curses the darkness, but believes in burning a candle instead. She is capable of navigating her way out even when faced with difficult situations. She passed out from KIAMS  in 2001. During her final year placement season, she found out that there were no placement openings available in the field of media and advertising, butshe had set her heart to carve a niche for herself in that field. The placements that came along her way were largely for technical positions. But for this graduate in humanities who specialized in psychology, literature and communicative English, what beckoned her was advertising and media.

So, after two years at KIAMS, she was so confident that she decided to go on a job hunting spree, looking for a job that married well with her interest and temperament. Finally, she got her dream job with India Today, lifestyle division, as a trainee, and since then she has been gradually going up the career ladder with the same group. Currently, she is General Manager, Advertising, and based in Bangalore. “It was my zeal that helped me grab this job. I just went to their office, apprised them of my desire to work in advertising and media. They saw the drive in me and soon I was in,” says Shveta. She advises students that there are plenty of opportunities around us; all that we need is to go out, look for work and not to be disheartened by initial failures.

Although she passed out from KIAMS a long time back, but many memories are still fresh in her mind.” I used to take part in all the cultural activities and still score good marks. I really enjoyed two years in the campus andit changed my perspective for life. I developed a lot of confidence and started looking at the bigger picture,” says Shveta about her two years at KIAMs.“The art of maintaining balance in study and fun, learned at KIAMS, also came handy when I took up the job. You have to constantly juggle between professional and personnel life and strike a right balance. I believe that there are times when you have to stretch your working hours, but I make sure that it does not become a habit,” says Shveta.She spends most of her office time interacting with clients, learning their marketing needs and blending it with her group’s publications and digital network.

Shveta believes that professional institutes should offer more opportunities where students can interact with the industry experts and learn from their experience. “AtKIAMS, we used to have regular interaction with big shots from the industry, and that gave us an opportunity to peep into the real corporate world. Their career struggle served as a major learning tool for us, and all the students used to wait for such interactions,” tells Shveta about her most unforgettable moments at KIAMS.

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