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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Shivangini, Student from batch 2014 – 2016 Harihar campus talks about gaining important exposure during her internship, which has prepared her to take on the challenges of the corporate world.

Posted on: July 27, 2015

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“Summer internships offer management students primary learning about the corporate work culture. You learn how to behave in a work environment and interact with professionals, which is something you just can’t learn through books and classroom,” says Shivangini who has come back with more knowledge and richer in experience after her internship with Bharat Cooking Coal Limited, a Subsidiary of Coal India.

KIAMS tries to offer its students a diverse learning experience and it involves exposure to varied industry sectors. Shivangini’s SIP with the company was in the same vain and offered her vital experience, which she reflects on. “I worked in three different departments; Funds Dept, Sales and Accounts Dept and Cost and Budget Dept. I worked as a Management intern and did a project on Working Capital Management of BCCL,” she says.

According to Shivangini, this hands-on training during the SIP is what moulds students like her into future professionals. Her own project taught her a lot about Current Asset & Current Liabilities, concepts that she had only heard of in the classroom. “This practical training is vital in understanding the concepts we have learned,” she says. “Moreover, during the internship, I learned how to perform under pressure and it improved my decision-making abilities.”

These are some of the skills that Shivangini was keen on learning to boost her professional credentials, which is why she joined KIAMS in the first place. With her experience at the institute so far, she believes it has been the best decision she could have taken. “I wanted to enhance my management skills and career prospects,” she tells us. “I think KIAMS has helped work towards it and ensured that I fit in as a management professional in a corporate environment.”

Shivangini also talks about learning a great deal not only from her faculty members but seniors at the institute, who she believes have been incredibly helpful. “Every interaction at the institute has helped me broaden my horizons,” she explains. “I have learned so many things, right from managing financial databases of companies to holding my own in a corporate environment. Overall I have become more confident with the experience.”

And now with her SIP experience in an interesting and diverse field, Shivangini is ready to take her knowledge into her future career. Ask her what she would like to ensure in her first work place, and she says without batting an eyelid, “I hope for a good work culture, which will help me showcase my skills. I will be looking at the job profile that I am offered. My SIP has taught me how to tackle real life situations at work place.” There is a confident tone heard when Shivangini speaks – this is due to the world-class education she received at KIAMS, as well as the tremendous learning experience through her SIP.

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