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Shikha Khanna’s interesting internship with LG Electronics

Posted on: June 20, 2011

Confident and clear, Shikha Khanna is almost on cloud 9. An MBA student with KIAMS, she was really happy to be interning with LG Electronics. She worked on Twitter Analysis and formulated the way forward for LG Electronics Limited. Very forthright, she gives us a small insight into her choices and her internship.


Why did you choose KIAMS?

I joined KIAMS because I wanted to complete my studies at one go. Frankly, KIAMS was the only well known MBA institute that I could get into.


What was your role during your Internship?

I did my internship in the marketing department with LG electronics. I worked with the Brand team there, It was pretty interesting. I got to work in the digital domain, which is very happening right now and result oriented.


Q. How has KIAMS prepared you for the internship?

At KIAMS we learned to do to do our projects in groups so while working independently on my internship project, my mind and thought process was not restricted. Working in groups helped me develop into a person who can think from different points of view. Also, exposure to various companies during college projects before the actual internship helped in boosting my confidence.

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