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Seasoned faculty member Dr. Revathi Iyer reveals what it takes to be a successful academic

Posted on: April 27, 2017

Dr. Revathi Iyer, Professor Finance and Dean Academics at KIAMS, comes from a family of academics. She claims to have inherited the passion for teaching and it has blossomed at the B-School, which offers her the freedom and support she needs to make a difference in her students’ lives. Today, Dr. Iyer has almost four decades of experience in teaching and she leverages it in the classroom to make her students industry-ready. We talk to her about her passion and what keeps her going every day.

Dr. Iyer has a philosophic approach to teaching as a profession. While she imparts knowledge to students and shares her experience with them, she believes that she also has a lot to gain in the process as well. “What excites me most about teaching is the fact that I get to learn something new from students practically every day,” she explains. “Each student is unique and brings something different to the classroom. As you interact with these young minds that are eager to learn, you learn along with them too.”

A Chartered Accountant with a Ph.D., Dr. Iyer is also an avid researcher. She has already written highly appreciated E-learning materials on IFRS and accounting standards. Quality management influence is also her area of interest for research. She believes that “Research is an important part of self-learning. If you do not do research then you miss out on a crucial aspect of learning. Hence, I think it is important for students and faculty members as well. It’s something we have to keep doing to constantly update ourselves with the latest in the business.”

Apart from research and publishing papers, Dr. Iyer also spends time reading six newspapers every day. It helps her stay on top of the latest happenings in the business world, which she shares in the classroom. She also uses spiritual stories including anecdotes from Greek mythology to help students relate to concepts they are taught. “I think these are important preparations for all faculty members because only then can they offer their best to students. We also try hard to improve classroom engagement,” she says.

That’s how KIAMS manages to produce industry-ready professionals year after year. Dr. Iyer remains connected with many of them through social media and has built some long lasting bonds. According to her, that’s the biggest reward for an academic. “It is heartwarming when your past students come back to you and remember something you had said in the classroom, which made a difference to their careers. I am filled with pride when I see our alumni doing well for themselves in their respective fields,” she ends emotionally.

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