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Roma Kumari, KIAMS 2010-2012 – “Thanks to KIAMS, I am re-writing my career “

Posted on: May 7, 2012

Someone once said some careers resemble a rocket launch – many times they get postponed due to unavoidable circumstances.

After starting in engineering, I worked in business process outsourcing for three years, but soon realized I was not really cut out for that kind of job. I took charge of the situation and made up my mind to do a PGDM from KIAMS and finally my career is headed on the right path. I have been placed with Imtegreon Research – a multinational corporation with headquarters in New York and an Indian office in Mumbai. I will be stationed in Mumbai and my job will entail research and analytic work.

Getting through the interview for the job was really hectic. I live in Ranchi, and had to travel all the way to Mumbai. I went through four rounds of interviews and, thanks to my in-depth knowledge of the subjects, I impressed the board and got the offer. One of my majors was finance which coincides well with the requirements of the job.

Though my present salary is not on the high side, the opportunity to work for a multinational corporation and the high growth prospects make the job attractive. This is my big ticket to the investment banking sector which I plan to get into after gaining a few years experience.

KIAMS gave me real hope I would have a successful career. The two years at KIAMS were immensely enriching academically, with a good measure of cultural activities and programs blended in with the curriculum. I devoted most of my time to academics, as I could not afford any further delay in embarking on the right career path.

I have a piece of advice for my juniors – enjoy every moment here at KIAMS, but never lose sight of your real goal. You have enrolled in a professional course and will be working with professionals. Work hard and success will come to you.

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