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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Ravi Sinha, VP & Head, Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. lectures at Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies industry interface

Posted on: July 8, 2013

Entrepreneurship was the topic of a recent industry interface at Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) Pune campus, when Ravi Sinha, Kirloskar Brothers Ltd., vice-president and head of corporate human resource management and communications was the guest lecturer.

Mr. Sinha, who holds a B.A. and Law degree from Tilka Manji Bhagalpur University and a PGDPM in human resources from Xavier Institute of Social Service, has more than 18 years of human resource experience across a wide spectrum of industries.

Prior to taking on his present post with Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. in April of this year, he served at various times as senior executive with Usha Martin Industries Ltd., assistant manager of human resources and administration with Telco Construction Equipment Co. Ltd., human resources manager with Gujarat Gas Co. Ltd., head of human resources (supply chain India) for Wrigley India Pvt. Ltd. and vice-president of human resources for Praj Industries.

While students were expecting an executive of his experience and stature to be possibly very reserved, they were pleasantly surprised to find him friendly and outspoken, with a humble streak.

“I am not a trainer,” he told the KIAMS students. “I am here to share my practical experiences. You keep on learning every day and so do I.”

Mr. Sinha quoted Gifford Rinchot who said “Entrepreneurs are ‘dreamers who do’ – those who take hands- on responsibility for creating innovation of any kind within an organization.”

He told the students “Businesses today are challenging and complex. We need people who can take charge and make a difference.”

There was a great deal of discussion and questions raised about the status of human resources in the corporate world, including expectations, problems faced and the realities that exist today.

The viewpoints expressed by many senior students made a great impression on Mr. Sinha. “You have passion and really think like entrepreneurs,” he told the assembly.

“It was an honour to attend a lecture by such a high-ranking corporate executive from one of the most esteemed business houses in India,” said Anuja Mathur (PGDM, Batch 16). “He not only taught us a great deal, but through his friendly nature and openness put a truly human face on what many might perceive as the cold world of business.”

All-in-all, speaking from his wealth of experience in the world of business he filled the KIAMS students in on tactics to be used in business today and the corporate workforce such as value creators, value enhancers and value protectors.

He wrapped up his presentation by fielding a host of questions from the students.

While Mr. Sinha was impressed by the KIAMS students, he too made an outstanding impression on them.

Pranasha Sahu from PGDM, Batch 16 said “An industry interface with Mr. Sinha is like a business course in itself – I learned so much at a go. He took the time to answer each and every question and it was encouraging to see someone as high up in the corporate world having such a high level of interest in helping and educating the students of today.”

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