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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Prof. Sunaina brings to KIAMS her grasp of the entire expanse of management through years of quality job experience in world class organisations like Accenture

Posted on: June 15, 2013

SunainaThe most remarkable thing about Prof. Sunaina Kuknor is that her journey as a teacher has been of barely three-and-half years, but in this short duration she has taught almost the entire spectrum of Management. From General Management subjects like, Organisational Behaviour, Business Communication, Business Ethics, Company Law, Personality Development; to Human Resource specialisation papers like Career Planning, HRM, Performance Appraisal, Group Dynamics, Industrial Relations, Leadership styles- Prof. Kuknor has seen it all. The latest addition to the faculty strength of KIAMS – she joined in May 2013 – Prof. Kuknor says that joining KIAMS was pretty much case of first impressions being the best impressions.

“I recall my very first visit to the KIAMS campus in September 2012. The quality education imparted, the ambience, the well structured work allotment and autonomy given to the employees with utmost belief in their abilities… all these aspects make KIAMS a very desirable destination for any teacher of business and management. So when I decided to switch over, I could think of nothing but KIAMS.”

Prof. Sunaina owes her grasp on almost the entire expanse of management mainly to the three years of quality job experience she accumulated prior to becoming an academic. Not only has she been a Recruitment Administrator in Accenture, she has also executed the role of Senior Market Analyst. A Trainer for PG-CET/ MAT in Analytical and Logical reasoning, Prof. Kuknor got her UGC NET/ JRF qualification in June 2011. She is currently teaching OB & HR in KIAMS.

“HR today has moved way beyond the basics of mere hiring and, therefore, application of Information Technology in HR functions and practices is fast growing. E-HRM is concerned with supporting business processes by means of training, recruitment and performance management. Emergence of new concepts like Six Sigma, TQM in HR, and HR and Kaizen have led to improvement in  the quality of work and the employees. Competency Mapping has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. Aligning competencies and strategies, recruitment of employees on the basis of job and culture fit, planning for career and succession, and aligning the personal goals of employees to organisational goals have all gained importance. The list of expectations of the HR department is never-ending these days. It is for such a dynamic and evolving profession that I prepare my students.”

 Prof. Kuknor believes that companies today, more than ever before, need to develop a strong corporate philosophy and live by it.

“The focus has to be on active, intentional and ongoing engagement, with diversity in people, curriculum, co-curriculum and in communities – with which individuals might connect – at the centre of the HR philosophy. This will lead to greater awareness, content knowledge, cognitive sophistication and an empathetic understanding of the complex ways individuals interact within systems and institutions. When you choose a career in HR, always make sure you are well acquainted with the basic HR functions. You can always start as a specialist in any one function and then move on to becoming an HR generalist. As an HR professional, understanding organisational behaviour and dynamics is a must.”

Considering that HR today is unanimously looked upon as a strategic partner across industries, Prof. Kuknor’s vision and philosophy of HR will certainly hold KIAMS students in good stead when they step out into the corporate world.

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