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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Prof. M.K. Seshasayee Speaks about KIAMS and the future of Operations Managers in India

Posted on: October 19, 2011

Prof. M.K. Seshasayee, Assistant Professor at Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies, is a cheerful person with lot of patience and integrity. Despite his busy schedule, he took time to speak to us and answer all our questions with much patience and dignity.

Prof. Seshasayee started his early career as a Chemical engineer and worked in various capacities in petrochemical and fertilizer industries for nearly 20 long years. That involved exposure to tough environments. Next, he got involved in ERP SAP consultancy where he worked in the areas of implementations, supports and testing for different projects of well known companies for ten years. During this time he learnt different aspects of consultancy and implementations and methodologies.

When we asked Professor Seshasayee why he chose KIAMS among all other institutes, his prompt reply was, “the vision and core values of KIAMS are very impressive and that made me
choose KIAMS.” Also, the institute is backed by reputed and well known corporate group, The Kirloskars. The highly talented and dedicated management team of the institute not only instills confidence among students but among faculty members as well.

Professor Seshasayee further added that the location of the institute on the banks of the Tungabhadra was an added bonus of the institute. He said on first sight he was immensely drawn towards the serene beauty of the surrounding which further motivated him to join KIAMS.

The next obvious question for Professor Seshasayee was why he shifted to teaching after having so many years of industrial experience? To this, the Professor told us that he finds teaching the most exciting profession specially after having an enriching industrial exposure. He thinks that when an industry professional turns a teacher he/she can help shore up the much needed hands on industrial expertise. For example, a touch of real life experiences with linkages to the concepts.

While discussing about Operation managers, Professor Seshasayee threw some useful insights on the roles of an Operations manager. He mentioned that in an organization an operations manager has a challenging as well as important role and has a myriad of jobs and duties to perform. An Operations Manager thinks and plans effective and efficient strategies that ensure the increased profits, stability and growth of the company. An ideal operations manager should have excellent leadership and communication skills. He should be planning successful strategies and implementing long term and short term goals for the company. He also added that an operations manager has to deal with problems and issues of the employees and help them with new techniques so that they can achieve better results. Apart from employees, Operations Managers also have the role of answering and dealing with clients and customers about the products and services that have been delivered or will be delivered. This includes addressing their complaints and grievances. Operations Managers act as consultants for questions that are about the development and growth of the company, and about issues related to money for completing projects.

Professor Seshasayee had some encouraging notes for all the present and future students of KIAMS. When we asked him what measures the management is taking for Operations Managers graduating from KIAMS so that they are proved superior to their competitors, he said, “The students at KIAMS are exposed to latest developments–Operations in practice features in every area of Operations Management.” He also affirmed that the management ensures the students have worked on examples and problems and applications to improve use of key quantitative and qualitative techniques. Students are also recommended readings specially selected to enhance learning and give them an edge in their course work. The students are also tested using self-assessment Questions, audio and animations video clips and more. Further the management ensures the students practice problem-solving with feedback, guided solutions and a good supply of Questions.  These apart the pedagogical teaching methods specially customized with a strong emphasize on experimentation for further innovation ensures that KIAMS has an edge over the competitors.

On a parting shot, there were some promising words from Professor Seshasayee for students who are planning to build a career as operations manager. He said, “India’s own economic reforms and liberalization policies are drawing more and more Foreign Direct investments. The rapid phase of technology transfers and collaborations in high tech areas call for more and more qualified Operation Managers. Some of the key areas which are growing exponentially are Purchasing and material management, Scheduling and control, Operations planning, Customer service support, Supply chain management and distribution, Project management, Operations process consultation, Quality management, Process and methods planning, Warehouse management. As the Indian economy is getting more and more integrated with global economies we need more and more skilled Operations managers to handle both Indian and foreign projects as well. Therefore I firmly believe that there are innumerable opportunities for Operations Managers for career growth and advancement.”

Professor Seshasayee also left a note for all his students at KIAMS. He said that he will always be there for his students and would help them set achievable goals for themselves. He also mentioned that as a teacher of KIAMS he will guide students throughout their course so that they can succeed with flying colors. He will also help strengthen their self-motivation and confidence, make them enthusiastic about their subjects, and motivate them to emerge as experts in operations management skills.

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