Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Prof. Gita Madhuri tells us why KIAMS is the best place to be for an academic passionate about teaching and research

Posted on: April 22, 2017

KIAMS has a vision “it’s not to teach, but to encourage to think”. This tagline was one of the main draws for Prof. Gita Madhuri, Assistant Professor, Finance, who has been with the B-School for over three years. The experienced academic who has worked with PG students in different parts of the country has now found her place with the renowned management institute in Pune. She teaches subjects like financial markets, security analysis, portfolio management, financial derivatives, and corporate finance, and tells us how she manages to make them interesting to her students.

According to Prof. Madhuri teaching is about expressing herself and also the subject. While there are some who might consider finance-related subjects dry and tedious, she thinks of them as extremely interesting. “Finance subjects have so much to offer and can be quite lively. I am passionate about sharing my experiences with the students and bringing something new to the classroom every time. We are lucky to have semester breaks, which allow us to update our courses, prepare and give something fresh to students regularly,” she adds.

At KIAMS the faculty is also given complete autonomy in different aspects of teaching. Dr. Madhuri admits that it was another reason why she chose the B-School over others. “We are completely involved in creating the syllabus, the internals, and the externals,” she explains. “We are in charge of choosing the pedagogy based on the subject we teach. Faculty members also decide on the pattern of assessment. Thus, we have autonomy in designing the entire course and sharing knowledge with the students.”

Dr. Madhuri was also impressed by the brilliant research done by her colleagues at the institute. She vouches for the support faculty members get from KIAMS and talks about her own research aspirations: “I am doing my Ph.D. in the area of financial derivatives. When I started teaching the subject to students I realized that I needed to do more to pass on deeper knowledge about this market-oriented subject. I am focusing on Option Pricing for my research as well and get valuable support at the institute.”

Her dedication to teaching is visible, not only in her words but her actions as well. Dr. Madhuri believes that the true reward for these efforts is when students understand the concepts taught in the classroom and gain the knowledge they can use in their careers. “When you see a transformation in students you have mentored, you feel you have achieved something as an academic. We have alumni telling us how we shaped their professional journeys and asking for advice in their careers. Those moments are the highlights of my life as an academic,” she says with a smile.

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