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Prof. Bidyanand Jha reveals how his research and industry endeavors help him offer the best to his students

Posted on: April 25, 2017

For Prof. Bidyanand Jha, Assistant Professor, Marketing at KIAMS, research is an integral part of being an academic. He believes it offers him insight into the domain and can enhance classroom engagement for his students. He has so far published over 25 papers in renowned publications and won awards for several of them. He is also on the cusp of being awarded his Ph.D. in Social Media Marketing, a field he is passionate about. As he manages many responsibilities, he tells us how his own endeavors benefit the students at KIAMS.

An MBA in Marketing himself, Prof. Jha worked in the industry with renowned names like Hindustan Times and Cummins India. He then made his foray into academics and chose KIAMS because “Since it is a Kirloskar group run organization I knew that we would have the right support to promote a healthy and cutting-edge learning environment. Being involved with MDPs and other initiatives have also helped me tremendously. I have realized my passion for teaching during my time here,” he adds.

As Prof. Jha pursues his academic and research endeavors, he remains closely involved with the industry through various consulting assignments. He also believes that his industry experience helps him stay updated with the latest in the field of Marketing and bring the best to his classroom. “Industry experience is vital for B-School students because they have to go out there and manage organizations,” he says. “Along with my research, this experience helps me bring real world applications into my classroom.”

Consumer behavior, digital marketing, social media marketing are his areas of expertise when it comes to research. Prof. Jha chose his subject for the Ph.D. six years ago when social media marketing was in its early stages. However, he reminds us that beyond one’s experiences, academics have to prepare for the classroom to keep things interesting. “If you expect students to work for three hours after the class, I can prepare for 5 hours before the class,” he explains. “I keep abreast with the latest industry news and it helps me initiate new ideas and discussions in the classroom.”

Prof. Jha also strives to bring together industry assignments with academic pursuits for students to offer them hands-on training. He talks about the consulting assignment ‘Aasmaan’, which is an adaptation into social media academy where 15 students worked with him. It is participation like this that helps students gain the competitive edge for rewarding careers. “The biggest rewards for us academics is when you hear from alumni who are doing well in their chosen fields about how the things we implemented in the classroom help them till date,” he concludes proudly.

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