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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Prof. Ashok Patil tells us how making a difference with teaching made him choose academics over an industry career.

Posted on: April 27, 2017

“When you are passionate about teaching you cannot work under restrictions. At KIAMS, I get a free hand with the pedagogy and how I want to share knowledge with the students on the whole. It makes teaching fun and satisfying,” says Mr. Ashok Patil, Assistant Professor – Finance at the B School. After a strong career for over six years in the industry, working with names like Mahindra and Mahindra, he made his foray into academics. He asserts that he finds working closely with young minds stimulating as he wears his passion for teaching on his sleeve.

While there are many faculty members at KIAMS who have industry experience, it’s always interesting to get to the bottom of their reasons for making the switch. Prof. Patil is candid about his thought process as he explains, “In the industry you have to do things in a certain way and have to always consider if it’s good for the organization. But in academics you have an opportunity to influence young minds and shape their futures. In many ways it’s like giving back to the society and making a difference, which appeals to me.”

However, Prof. Patil is quick to point that there is still a huge gap between the industry and academics. He believes the industry experience of his colleagues at KIAMS helps in bridging that to a large extent. “The approach of the B School towards teaching also helps,” he explains. “Here, we look at general development of students and community. The institute also looks at consultancy as one of its focuses. We try to imbibe new ideas and innovations into young students’ minds and that can change things for the better in the society.”

Prof. Patil, a PGDM from IIMC is currently pursuing his PhD. He believes research is another important element of learning at KIAMS where faculty members and students both get the support they need. According to him, research right from the form of asking questions at a young age is the building block of learning. Talking about his own experiences, he says, “My area of interest for research definitely has to be Data Analytics. I am also a strict follower of metrics and have worked on papers in the area of econometrics.”

As a part of his preparations for the classroom, Prof. Patil also does extensive research on current news and trends. He makes the most out of the latest technological advances, apps and software to keep up with the latest. “It’s extremely important for academics to keep themselves updated constantly. Besides these new age technologies, discussions with my colleagues are also enriching. With the latest knowledge and use of pedagogy like case studies and tutorials, we can offer students the best learning experience,” he says confidently.

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