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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Prof. Anita Kshetri on KIAMS initiatives that prepare marketing students for exciting future career prospects

Posted on: February 25, 2017

Choosing the right stream for specialization is crucial for all management students. But they can only make the vital decision when they know more about themselves, understand their own interests and market trends. Marketing, for example, is a popular and lucrative stream of management graduates. But what does it have in store for students? Prof. Anita Kshetri, Assistant Professor, Marketing, KIAMS, sheds light on the stream and efforts taken by the B-School to offer its students a cutting-edge advantage.

Prof. Kshetri has over seven years of professional experience in Retail Sales, Relationship Management & Business Development. She has worked with several leading names in the industry and is pursuing her Ph.D. She talks about KIAMS’ efforts to boost students’ learning in the stream, saying, “We constantly endeavor to make our curriculum relevant to changing times and industry trends. We have introduced different aspects of marketing in our program, which make it relevant, both theoretically and practically.”

According to Prof. Kshetri, the biggest initiative by the institute is the emphasis on Live Projects. They offer students an opportunity to test their skills in the real-world professional setup. “While students learn in the college they are also working on live projects in different organizations,” she explains. “They could be in the fields of marketing research, social media or any digital platform. It is a brilliant opportunity for them to apply everything they are learning in the classroom into live business scenarios.”

With its innovative pedagogy, KIAMS also tries its best to keep things engaging for students. Prof. Kshetri herself believes in new age teaching techniques as a way to enhance classroom engagement and get the best out of students. “We have different activities in the classroom, including AD MAD where our students position their products and use creative skills to support their case,” she says. “They are also involved in debates and discussions where they have to stand for different perspectives, and learn immensely in the process.”

KIAMS might produce marketing professionals who are ready for industry challenges, but what’s the actual scope for their career in the field? What are the job profiles and positions they can aim for? Prof. Kshetri quotes the Father of Business Consulting, Peter Drucker. “He has said that Marketing and Innovation are two main functions of an organization. With a marketing specialization, you can make it into market research, digital marketing, and big data analysis. Students of KIAMS are also known to start from high positions in sales and analytics.” Prof. Kshetri’s concluding remarks show the importance of the innovative curriculum at KIAMS – this is something that aids students as they ponder and prepare for their future careers.

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