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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Preeti Aggarwal, KIAMS 2010 – 2012 – “KIAMS has taught me that when going gets tough, the tough get going.”

Posted on: May 1, 2012

confidenceI have completed my PGDM this year. Unfortunately, the market is really not rosy anywhere in the world. Most of the sectors are in the red—a scary scenario for all the youngsters like me, just passed out of the business school. But thanks to my training at Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS), I am brimming with confidence and certain that I would be able to carve a niche for myself.

It is not that I lacked confidence when I joined KIAMS, but sometimes, I used to give up when faced with initial failures. But now, when confronted with difficult situations, I always remind to myself—persevere, remain calm, and never get bogged down, no matter what the odds are.  I think many factors played their part in bringing about this transformation in me. Excellent faculty and curriculum designed by KIAMS played very important role, but according to me what made the huge difference was our training to work under pressure and meet the deadlines. Because of this training whenever I face any pressure situation I say to myself—been there, handled that.

Life at campus was real fun and I am going to miss out the Dhamaal we did throughout the course. I miss that walk with friends down FC road and MG road. Going out after the class was a kind of ritual for us in the first year. During the finalyear, we devoted most of our time to academics, so our MastikaAdda was largely confined to our hostels, but with friends any place is a fun place. Apart from this fun, there is a lot of hard work that we used to put in because at KIAMS academics come first. One get’s many opportunities to nurture and showcase one’s talent and in the process becomes more mature and understanding person.

Now, I am back to my native place Kolkata where I did my schooling and Bachelor of Commerce. I am really thankful to my friends, relatives, and seniors who advised me to join KIAMS. I have got a decent placement with a reputed company and soon will be joining as an analyst. This is just the beginning of the long journey, and I know I will cross all the hurdles and reach my goal, as my training at KIAMS will always help me navigate through the rough terrains of life.

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