Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Preeti Agarwal is an intern with BMA Wealth Creators where she’s studying what impact the financial performance of companies listed on the NSE has on their stocks.

Posted on: June 14, 2011

Why did you choose to study at KIAMS?

The two-year, fully residential Post-Graduate Diploma in Management at KIAMS helps train and creates managers of the future. The programme provides contextual learning and helps us develop the ability to meet the future challenges of the corporate world. At the same time it helps us gain an understanding of organisational settings and the techniques of management and enables us to integrate that learning with organisational functioning. This is the need of the hour in the current competitive environment.


What has your internship experience been like?

In my internship I am required to analyse the financial performance of all the companies listed on the National Stock Exchange and see how it affects the stock price of the companies. At the same time I try to take technical and fundamental calls on the stocks of the companies so that investors can make profitable investments.



How did your first year at KIAMS prepare you for this internship?

The trimester system followed in the programme has facilitated the flexibility required to engage in several activities and has enabled me to confidently face the pressures and challenges during my stint at BMA Wealth Creators. Subjects like Business Ethics, Corporate Governance, Research Methodology, Organisational Behaviour, Operations, MIS, Accounting and many more incorporated into the curriculum have exposed me to the inner workings of the corporate world, and have sharpened my thinking skills to innovate with ideas and solutions in the light of various limitations.

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