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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

PGDM X-press doubled their seed money from their stall at Karobar ’17

Posted on: October 6, 2017

Karobar ’17 hosted by the Entrepreneurship Cell of Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies was an internal affair but an interesting one. With PGDM students participating and bringing some of the coolest and hot-selling ideas to the table, the event became even more special with PGDM X-press using their Rs. 3000 seed money to sell what sells the best in India – food. Yes, they got it correct right at the out start.

Papdichaat, Golgappe, Dahibhalle, Mithaai and what not! There was still a queue by the time they were all set to wrap things up. Profit? Rs. 2,994 to be exact!

How did PGDM X-press come to birth? As they say, some of the best business ideas germinate from your own experience. The same happened with Team 5 as they headed out to find chaat places around campus during their brainstorming session. Since they couldn’t locate a shop in the vicinity, they decided to set up their own. “Luckily we had amateur chefs in our team and they went above and beyond to create dishes that were innovative and hit the spot with our customers,” replied one of the team members.

The team admits that working with a limited budget and managing resources made things difficult during the execution of their business plan. However that led to them learning about starting a business from the scratch. “It taught us how to communicate with suppliers and contractors, made us aware of the challenges faced to start up. Before Karobar we had no idea about business operations, but now we handled all obstacles successfully,” the participants add.

The experience included many exciting moments for Team 5, right from being chased by dogs when travelling in an auto at night to all hands on deck scenario while serving chaat to customers. But they believe it was all worth it because the experience of running a business is quite rare in student life. “We used digital marketing and personal selling techniques to bring in customers. We were using all the management concepts we learn in classroom into practical life. Overall, it was one phenomenal ride, which gave us a lot in learning and experience,” they conclude.

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