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“OPERACY 2012 – THE KIAMS ANNUAL FESTIVAL.” KIAMS ‘B-15’ grows into ‘B One’ to put up one of the greatest Annual College Fests.

Posted on: January 14, 2013

KIAMS OperacyTo someone who had seen Operacy – the annual fest of one of India’s top B-school KIAMS – start out as a paper writing competition just over a decade back, Operacy 2012 was an unbelievable spectacle in scale and grandeur. With events distributed across the two campuses of KIAMS – Harihar and Pune – Operacy 2012 held between 2nd and 4th November was a humdinger of an affair. Over and above the gigs and fun, the serious end of the business saw students from all over the country pit their wits in seven major competitions. For the participants, the fight was all for the izzat of their respective college… not to say that the thousands of rupees in prize money wasn’t an incentive at all!

Five of the events, ALCYON  (Best manager – Marketing), Aurarius Aquila (Best manager – Finance),Vestito Lagois (Best manager – Operations), Bambus Lagois (Best manager – HR), and Stallion (Best manager overall), were held at the Harihar campus of KIAMS while students who had been shortlisted for Deja Vu  (Best Corporate) and Athlin (Best Graduate) fought it out at KIAMS Pune. Of course, the action at KIAMS started much before the actual show. The selection of the management team with only three students from the junior batch earning the distinction of being  ‘MAFOR Reps’ and only two from the senior batch being accorded the honour was the first challenge. Right from sponsorship, to event planning, documentation and décor, and hospitality, the ‘MAFOR Reps’ were the team leaders who had to get the best out of their colleagues and teams.KIAMS Oper

“Each year, Operacy is reborn in its full glory,” says Prachi Agarwal, who along with Apoorv Shrivastav and Upasna Lenka, was a ‘MAFOR Rep’ for Batch 15 of KIAMS. “Like every batch we too aimed to make it the most unforgettable Operacy ever. Often our managerial skills were put to test with unanticipated changes in the events and their formats during the process of preparation.”

The ‘Gulmohar team’ entrusted with the task of aligning the lush green grounds and the beautiful rotunda of KIAMS to the theme of ‘Bridging the gap between Gen X and Gen Y managers’, racked their brains to come up with a highly creative – yet minimalistic – concept that wowed one and all once Operacy 2012 began. The digital team too came up with the most amazing, out-of-the-box concepts for the flexes, backdrops, and various printable documents like the Registration cards, that complemented the entire event.

To their credit, the Batch 15 of KIAMS added immensely to the hospitality quotient, seamlessly integrating the spacious accomodations and elaborate buffets, with smooth reimbursal of train and bus fares to either of the KIAMS campuses for the shortlisted contestants to the various events.

KIAMSopWith MILE Pune and BIMT fighting it out for top honours in majority of the events, the case was settled by the amazing Poonam Rajpal from MILE, who won the coveted Stallion (Best Manager Overall), pocketing a cool 11,000 Rupees in the process.

In the words of Prachi Agarwal, “Operacy 2012 could never have been the great success story, had not ‘B-15’ chosen to ‘B-One’.”

It would not be unfair to say that Operacy 2012 has set a benchmark not just for the other premium B-schools to emulate, but for future generations of KIAMS to match up to.

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